5 Tips for Buying Cranes and Crane Parts

Are you in the market for a crane? It’s okay to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of possibilities surrounding you. The trick to sorting through them is to know what you want and plan for your purchase in advance, and in that respect, here are a few quick tips for buying them.

1. View the Different Models


There are many different types of crane, including jib cranes, gantry cranes and single- and double-girder cranes. Which is best suited for your needs will depend on what job you’re performing and how much you’re willing to spend to get it done with a specific kind of crane. If you aren’t sure which model is right for you, talk to a crane supplier and get their advice.

2. Mind Your Money

Speaking of spending, you’ll probably want to draw up a budget when you go shopping for bridge cranes. Have two numbers in mind: The first should be the dollar amount you don’t want to exceed, and the second should be the dollar amount you cannot exceed.

3. Ask for Recommendations

This is the simplest and easiest way to find a jump-off point in your product search. Even if you wind up buying a different crane than your boss, buddy or co-worker recommended, they’ll still have given you a place to start your search. You’ll be able to look at a product and say “no, that won’t work for me” or “wow, I really love that feature.”

4. Know Your Brands

Some brands have been in the business for decades. Others are newer or more independent sellers. There’s no right or wrong answer in terms of which you should shop from, and checking out all of your options regardless of brand is probably a good idea, too. That way you’ll know that you’re definitely getting the best deal.

5. Get a Guarantee

Cranes and crane parts should always come with a warranty. If they don’t, turn around immediately. Only a manufacturer that isn’t confident in their craftsmanship will try to sell you something without a promise that it works, and they aren’t the kind of manufacturer you want to be dealing with, anyway.

These are just a few things to keep in mind as you shop for cranes. Check out sites like ProservCrane (http://www.proservanchor.com) for more information, including potential purchase options.

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  1. Very useful information on how to get a right crane. It is really important to do some research on the crane you need before you buy the crane, and it is necessary to choose a reputable and professional crane supplier in order to buy a quality crane for your business or lifting work.

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