Top Five Tourist Destinations in Taiwan You Won’t Regret to Visit

Just 180 kilometers east of China, you will find the island of Taiwan. The islet is packed with splendid mountains, modern-day cities, tranquil lakes, relaxing hot springs, and epic seas and beaches. If you are wondering on where to go in Taiwan, then here is a guideline set just for a pleasure travel-seeker like you.

Top 5: Shilin Night Market

Shilin Night Market fosters a different aura of vibrancy and excitement. It is like a paradise to shopaholics and to anyone who wants to escape from stress for just a few hours of their life. The place offers the people a variety of things to do— food trip, massage, shopping, and even drinking a relaxing tea.

Top 4: Penghu Islands

Also known as Pescadores, the place will not let you feel dull and bored. Instead, you will be thrilled with its sceneries itself as the island features fantastic beaches and other picturesque settings. On top of this, you will surely have fun in watching the firework festivals that happen every spring and summer.

Top 3: Jiufen

If you are feeling melancholy, then get a ride to Jiufen. The place is considered to be as a crafts mountain retreat that renders a feeling of being home and being one with the environment. You will also enjoy the view of the blue sea from afar and buy souvenirs for your loved ones. In fact, pottery is one good idea to hand as a gift and you can buy it here.

Top 2: Beitou Hot Springs

Here is one spot that you should not miss, the Beitou Hot Springs. Although you can find a lot of hot springs around Taiwan, this one is spectacular. Enjoying a relaxing bath is not the only thing that you can get from visiting Beitou, but you will also be able to witness the place’s beautiful gardens which are good for the soul.


Top 1: Kenting National Park

This park is quite famous among locals and foreign travellers. Thanks to its scenic beaches, pristine mountains, and other scenic geographic. The sight of the place can soothe a weary mind and burdened heart.

Taiwan’s scenic spots pays off no regrets, but mere satisfaction and enjoyment. With this, get the most as you visit the place and make grand memories.

10 thoughts on “Top Five Tourist Destinations in Taiwan You Won’t Regret to Visit

  1. Great list you have there. Haven’t been to Taiwan but wanting to experience the Shilin Night market, the hot springs, and park. Will take note of this. Thanks.

  2. Your post reminded me of Taiwan’s Disney Pixar, Hello Kitty Warehouse and Taipei 101 tower. Unfortunately, missed to visit any from your list!

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