In Seeking Truth and Faith

No matter how much our world evolves and grows technologically, our society still has some foundational beliefs that will never change. Even in a world that thrives on smartphones and tablets, self-driving cars and computer connections that enhance seemingly every aspect of everyday life, the belief in a Christian connection and foundational belief in God and his son, Jesus Christ, remains. It’s truly amazing to see how strong this belief remains in so many people today, even as the world continues to move at a breakneck pace.

Seeking Truth and Faith

What is it about the teachings of the Bible that have made it such an enduring piece of literature? The Bible offers a message of peace and a love that endures, forever. The Bible also offers hope and forgiveness to anyone who has made terrible mistakes in their life. This remarkable message has brought about incredible emotional, spiritual and emotional breakthroughs to the many readers who have taken it to heart. That’s part of why the Bible continues to speak to readers at a deep level and why the stories of the Bible still resonant deeply.

Seeing the Light

The truth is that many people go through life feeling deeply broken at a spiritual level. People who have endured abuse and who come from broken families often feel they have no one to turn to, which is why they become caught up in gangs, violence and addiction issues. The message of the Holy Bible, however, had been able to offer a message of healing to many of these people, when no other form of therapy would work.

Apostle David E Taylor is one person who needed healing for many of his life issues. Taylor was a young man who had a troubled upbringing that lead him into a life of chaos and sin. At a young age, things seemed hopeless, but a vision Taylor saw one night, which seemed to be the face of Jesus, brought him to a breakthrough.

Today David E Taylor travels the word spreading the word of the Bible and the teachings of Jesus, through his organization, Taylor’s incredible story is just one example of the way in which the Bible and its teachings still have the power to transform and do miracles.

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