How to be Globally Competent

Education definitely plays a big role in producing competent students and soon-to-be employees. On the high note, there is much more to being knowledgeable and skilled in Mathematics and Science and that is being globally competent. Many people would perceive this term differently, but what really is it?

The Term: Globally Competent

The world changes overtime. With this per se, reality taps global competency. It refers to a body of knowledge, skills and dispositions to enable a person to effectively engage with the environment.

Things You Can Do to Achieve Global Competence

Global competence is constantly evolving and achieving its absolute state may seem impossible. Here are some things that you can do on your query on how to be globally competent.

  1. Be curious. One vital thing that you can do is be inquisitive and curious. Learn how the world works— collect information and analyze these data on hand.
  2. Communicate effectively. Globally competent people are able to communicate effectively with knowledge on the differences in culture and ideology. They are also able to choose on the appropriate media to use when trying to relay their thoughts.
  3. Recognize perspectives. There are different factors that affect one’s perception. For globally competent people, they are able to identify what influences what and who.
  4. Take action. This is a translation of ideas. You put it into action either solely or collaboratively to improve the current conditions.
  5. Disciplinary and Interdisciplinary Study. In this aspect, you try to understand the world in an approach that combines the above mentioned tips.

Sum it Up!

The world is interconnected and people have the need to be globally competent. Doing so is not easy, but doing so would be worth it.

One thought on “How to be Globally Competent

  1. Globally competent students must have the knowledge and skills to:
    Investigate the World.
    Weigh Perspectives.
    Communicate Ideas.
    Take Action.
    Apply Disciplinary and Interdisciplinary Expertise.
    Thanks for sharing such an wonderful Article with us.

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