Top 10 Reasons to Visit Taipei


Are you planning to embark on an adventure? Well then, Taiwan should be included in your bucket list. This delightful island surely has lots of surprises in store for tourists like you. Read on to find out these 10 reasons to visit Taipei!

#1: The People

The friendly attitude of the people, it is definitely one of the inviting traits of the place. Enjoy your stay as you interact with them!

#2: Night Market

Of course, Taiwan is well-known for its colorful and dynamic night displays and busy streets. See how these people get their shopping bags full of fancy things, souvenirs, and accessories. More so, you will get to enjoy these random food choices that come at an affordable price.


#3: Children’s Amusement Park

Let your children get a share of fun with Taipei’s sites for kiddos. You can visit several attractions such as Magic Planet and Toy Soldier Kingdom.

#4: Festivals

You will never get bored at Taiwan. The island’s calendar is filled with fascinating events such as Taiwan Lantern Festival, Matsu Pilgrimage, Dragon Boat festival, and International Balloon Fiesta.

#5: Taiwanese Cuisine

A trip to any destination would not be complete without tasting their delectable cuisines. In Taipei, street foods, beef noodle soup, oyster omelette, and grilled squid are a must try!

#6: Hot Springs

Enjoy soaking in the warmth of springs. Famous ones are those found outside of Taipei, Beitou, Yilan, and Jiaoxi.

#7: Temples

Find inspiration in a Buddhist nation. You can visit the Longshan Temple, Xingtian Temple and many more that house their deities.

#8: Yangminshan Mountain Range

Feel the thrill of climbing the Yangminshan Mountain. In the end, the view is so astonishing and rewarding.

#9: Da’an Forest Park

If you want to see something relaxing, then visit the luscious greens of Da’an Forest Park. The park is so amusing because it is a home to fauna and the scene is serene.

#10: Free Wi-Fi

Yes, it is true! Wi-Fi is free for everyone. Free Wi-Fi can be found at most major tourist attractions and train stations.

There you go; the reasons are laid out. So, see the place and enjoy being in Taipei!

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