DIY Halloween Costume

Looking cool for treats this Halloween does not need to be expensive. All you have to do is to be creative with whatever resources you have at hand. Here are some easy DIY Halloween costumes that you can make for the kiddos and adults for the anticipated holiday this November!

Costume #1: Hobbit

A hobbit costume for your kiddos will surely make you a huge fan. If you have the resources or some old stuff that imitates the character, then you can do so.

Costume #2: Mummy

Making this costume is fun and yet the outcome can be grisly. You just have to wear white clothes and wrap yourself with toilet paper. Add some bloody effects with catsup.

Costume #3: Ghost

One white old bed sheet is all you need. Simply make two holes for your eyes and you are all set. You can also add make-up on the sheet to make it more than just plain.

Costume #4: Jellyfish

Jellyfish costume is one easy outfit that you can make. Just get a white umbrella and adorn it with any materials you can grab on as stingers.

Costume #5: Minions

Go get a yellow top attire. Of course, be creative in adding other details in imitating the minion character in Despicable Me.

There are lots of DIY Halloween Costumes you can make of. Just explore your wardrobe and be creative.

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