How Not To Lose Yourself in Motherhood

Being a wife is one thing. Being a mother is on a whole new spectrum! As a mother, your kids become all you think about, they come before everyone and everything else. And that’s alright until motherhood becomes all-consuming in your mind, thoughts and being.

When you have kids, you become the only world they have, and those are huge shoes to feel. However, it comes a time where you need to take a break from your kids and a break from looking up tutor English in a bid to get your kids the best you can. There is more to you than being a mother and here are some of the ways you can avoid losing yourself in motherhood:

  1. Maintain Your Hobbies

There is no fault in enjoying Disney movies and harry potter books with your kids. However, you need to do still the things you loved before becoming a mother. There is always that one hobby that is exclusively yours, and when you become a mother most of your interests are lost within parenting.

Make sure always to spare some time to focus on your hobbies even if it’s just for ten minutes a day. If you love writing, make sure you do so every day. You can also write stories of motherhood, just as long as you are writing. Whatever it is, spare time for it and grow it.

  1. Leave Your Kids With Your Spouse and Do You

Mothers quickly forget that they are not the only parent the kids have. In as much as the kids rely on their mothers for most things, you should also make them accustomed to their dad as well. Plan night outs with your friends and plan a personal date.

You could leave your kids with your spouse once in a while and have some personal times and do the things you love. You deserve to go out without your kids screaming and to shout their needs at you. Besides, it’s also vital for you to stay sane and one of the ways to do that is by pampering yourself.

  1. Insist On Time Alone

Even though it may be impossible for you to take a trip alone, you can manage to have at least an hour or two per week to have some alone time. Every mother needs some time away from her kids. That doesn’t make you a bad mother.

Be resourceful and make it happen. If you are incapable of leaving the house, you can take an hour in the bathroom. Prepare a fragrance candlelit bath, read a book and enjoy a glass of wine. If you must, have a family member or friend watch over your kids for some time while you indulge in some alone time.

  1. Avoid Isolation From Friends

Mother, especially new mothers tend to get so consumed in taking care of their kids they forget about the friend they had before becoming mothers. Sometimes, isolating yourself from your friends can stifle you.

If you are already a victim of isolation, find out some of the mom groups you can join and try to connect with other mothers away from your kids. Being around other people will help you remember who you were before being a mother. You can also find an online group; they are also accommodating.


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