3 Underwater Adventures

Part of being alive is having adventures that you can remember in your later years and share with your grandchildren. Adventures can be had on land, by sea or in the air. For example, if you ever wondered where to swim with manatees, the answer is Citrus Country, Florida. In the 72 degree waters of Crystal River you have the opportunity to snorkel along these wondrous creatures. One of the only places where this is actually allowed, take a tour and be guided through an experience that will follow you in your memory for a long time.

If you would like to try out some adventures under the sea, here are three more underwater adventures that you may enjoy.

Sistema Dos Ojos

At Playa del Carmen, Mexico, you have the opportunity to explore one of the longest series of underwater caves. Undiscovered territory still exists off the Yucatan Peninsula. It is still being surveyed, but in the meantime, a guide can help you navigate through the limestone natural wonders as you swim alongside a variety of small fish and shrimp. Visibility is considered to be high thanks to the rainwater that filters through.

Barracuda Point

Near Sipadan, Malaysia, you will find Barracuda Point. When you dive into these waters, you will find yourself surrounded by hammerhead sharks, sea turtles and stingrays as well as the ray-finned barracuda fish. While there is no way to predict how many of the species you will see, the luckiest divers report getting caught up in a barracuda tornado.

Whale Sharks

If you head to Gladden Spit, Belize, you can opt to swim among whale sharks. Anyone who has seen jaws, may think twice about trying to swim with sharks that are not in a cage, but whale sharks do not lean toward the violent side. Described as docile, whale sharks are known to be curious. Divers have reported that once they were spotted, the sea creatures swam closer to them to get a better look. The best time to see a whale shark is between March and June and during a full moon.

Underwater adventures can be memorable and safe. For first-timers, hiring a guide or taking a tour is recommended since they can lead you to the best places to capture the best sightings. Sistema Dos Ojos, Barracuda Point and searching for whale sharks are among the top underwater adventures.

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