7 Things Parents and Students Will Love About St. Paul College of Davao

The school year is just about to end. While students are busy working for projects and reviewing for last quarter exams, parents are starting to consider new school environments especially if their child is moving up to a new level. As parents we want our chosen school to be second homes to our children. We only feel worry-free when we know that we have turned them over to capable and caring hands once they leave home and go to school.

There are many things that parents look for when choosing a school for their children. The kids become interested in learning when their curiosity is piqued and they also like the school. Here are some of the best things about St Paul College of Davao that both parents and kids love about it.

It’s Clean and Green

One of the things that I love most about St. Paul College of Davao are the open fields and greenery. There are pocket gardens in sitting areas that provide much needed fresh air. We want our kids to get as much sun and air, to be able to move around and be physically active thus, having a clean and green environment with plenty of open spaces is a favorite feature in St. Paul.

Security Features

St Paul College uses advanced security features and practices in all campuses in the country. This  gives parents peace of mind once we leave our kids at school. We know that they are in the best care and will be kept safe from all uncertainties while they are away from us.

Small Population

One great thing about St Paul College of Davao is that everybody seems to know everybody. It is a wonderful school with a small population so you can ask just anybody where to look for your kid when you can’t find them. You also become a close knit community looking after everyone, it makes the school an extension of your home.

Family Oriented

A family-oriented school system is very important in the development of each child. Every one is treated as if they are members of their own family and concern for their interests, behavior, character so that they grown up to be well rounded individuals.

Boosts Child’s Talent

A school curricula should not just teach the children the basics. They should be made fun and encouraging so that each student will fall in love with their subjects. Teachers should know how to make their students keen on learning so that will not dread or dislike subjects that are considered difficult but they will be motivated to learn more.

Programs Offered

Aside from academics, parents like me are also encouraged to know more about the programs that St. Paul College of Davao has to offer. They have ballet classes, bread & pastries, painting, digital arts and other skills development. They have also programs in Music such as piano, guitar, violin and guitar. Children will not only learn new skills which may soon become their passion but they also learn to socialize and connect with other kids in these programs.

Sports and Other G.I.F.T. Programs / Extra Curricular Activities

And last but not the least, every kid is interested in sports and other extra curricular activities which are fun-filled, exciting and challenging. St. Paul College of Davao has various sports programs such as football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, badminton,  taekwondo and many others.

For parents who wish to see the facilities, they will soon have an open house. Or you may call their telephone number at 082-287 5843 or Mobile Number 0905 367 3938.

St. Paul College of Davao is located beside Crocodile Park and Palos Verdes Clubhouse in Riverfront Corporate City, Diversion Rd, Ma-a, Davao City

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