Superior Quail Hunting

Enjoy the best quail and other hunting when you stay at an exceptional hunting lodge located south of Fairfax near the Savannah River in the Low Country, which is the ideal place for quail hunting South Carolina.

It is also the perfect location to prepare your dog in a winter training camp that lasts a month and is run by an experienced and recognized field trial handler/trainer or if you are a professional handler/trainer in need of a winter camp down South to get dogs trained for the coming Spring trial season.

Your winter escape with your dogs will be in a resort setting with delicious food, fully-furnished facilities including accommodations in a 4,250 square foot executive lodge, a large game room, a pavilion, provisions for a camp fire and games, and other amenities to make your stay very appealing.

Lakeview Plantation, an RV camping facility with equestrian trail riding, has been the location of the Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge commencing in 1985. The owners, Hayward and Dona Simmons, implemented one of the Southeast’s most intensively managed hunting properties in 1985 featuring habitat management and an unlimited supplemental feeding year-round specifically designed to increase wildlife.

You will get the advantages of friendly Southern hospitality, the benefit of the owners’ vast wealth of experience and knowledge gained over more than 30 years, and a chance to relax in privacy when you are not hunting. You will be provided with an unforgettable trip that is for all levels of experience whether it is the first guided hunting trip or a search for trophies.

For more information on affordable packages with a number of options, or to ask any of your questions, or to make arrangements for your trip, call and speak with a knowledgeable member of their staff.

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