Globe #makeITsafePH: Tips on Better Parenting in the Digital Age

Globe’s #makeITsafePH: Raising today’s children is a struggle between being their best friends and being their parents. We all want to give them the best experiences but it can be hard to decide when to be lenient and when to be firm to them. It is important to keep this parent-child relationship healthy. One venue that most parents find most difficult is regulating their children’s use of gadgets, screens and the way they easily manipulate technology. The digital era is pretty much amazing, but we know there are dangers lurking everywhere too. read more

Renovating Homes for Resale

Buying homes that need some work and renovating them for resale can be a lucrative business. If this is something you think you would be interested in doing, there are a few guidelines that should be followed. Investors who are already doing this look for distressed properties that they can generally fix up and sell quickly.

Look for Houses Priced Below Market Value

There are several ways to find properties that are offered below market value. Sometimes people have to sell quickly. They may have already bought another house and do not want to pay two mortgages. Perhaps their job is transferring them to another part of the country, and they need to sell the house they have so they can buy another one. Often people inherit houses from elderly relatives and they weren’t kept up. They want to sell rather than deal with repairs. read more

What Types of Insurance Are Available for Your Ranch?

While ranch ownership offers many rewards, it also involves distinct challenges. In addition to understanding what it takes to run a lucrative business, ranch owners must have access to specialized information as well like how to take care of animals and what types of equipment and specialized structures they will need in order to turn a profit. Operational costs associated with a ranch can be high. In order to safeguard their investments adequately, owners must invest in the right type of ranch insurance. read more

Running a Small Business

A small business owner’s work is never done, which is why it’s so important for anyone running a small business to have enough support to get every detail taken care of so business can keep running smoothly. The wide variety of responsibilities a small business owner has to take care of can definitely be daunting. From keeping up with product development to shipping and handling invoices, to hiring on support staff to taking care of legal paperwork, the number of things that must be done can be quite dizzying. That’s why knowing where to turn for affordable business support is so important. read more

Superior Quail Hunting

Enjoy the best quail and other hunting when you stay at an exceptional hunting lodge located south of Fairfax near the Savannah River in the Low Country, which is the ideal place for quail hunting South Carolina.

It is also the perfect location to prepare your dog in a winter training camp that lasts a month and is run by an experienced and recognized field trial handler/trainer or if you are a professional handler/trainer in need of a winter camp down South to get dogs trained for the coming Spring trial season. read more

3 Ways to Prepare a Portion of your Home as a Rental Space

Being a homeowner has its benefits. It’s an opportunity to invest in a property and own a piece of real estate. It also forces you to learn more about how to maintain and take full responsibility of a property. This may sound like a downfall, but it’s actually a great benefit for increasing your personal skill set. Home ownership is also great if you’d like to rent out a part of the space and earn a side income. Maintaining a portion of the home as a rental property is an excellent way to earn passive income. If the idea of dollar bills filling your bank account makes your heart beat with joy, consider these three ways to prepare a portion of your home as a rental space. read more