7 Winter Decorations That Aren’t Related to Christmas

How do you decorate your home once Santa has come and gone? It can be difficult to find cheerful, festive decorations that aren’t centered around the holidays, so here are just a few ideas for stylish interior design even after New Year’s Eve.

1. Painted Fruit

Fake apples will never go bad, and as a bonus, they can be painted with all sorts of winter-themed designs. Make them gold and silver for a regal centerpiece; paint them with snowflakes to reflect the sky outside; personalize them with names, dates and fingerprints for the kids. read more

Christmas Gift Basket for Everyone

One of the most challenging part of the holiday season is creating a gift list and finding that perfect gift for every unique friend, colleague or family you have. This becomes even more frustrating if you have someone who is particularly picky when it comes to gifts. Fortunately now, there are online shops which are focused into creating themed gift baskets for every personality and occasion. Apart from the general gift basket, you can actually ask for a customized basket which you can send to everyone on your list. read more

Valuable Coin Collections

Antique, unique and interesting coins make a valuable piece in any coin collectors’ hand. Many collectors go to great lengths just to find their one of a kind coin that they can brag about. We have looked the coins offered at www.goldeneaglecoin.com/ for something that we can give to our coin fanatic friend. He said that there is still something missing from his golden eagle coin set and we might just find it there in time for his birthday. He had shelves full of coins from different countries already and we’re sure they are worth a lot of money especially those sets of really hard to find pieces. read more

Heart Tattoo Designs

There is nothing more ordinary than a heart tattoo, right? That may be true for the small red heart that many women tattoo onto delicate areas of their body, but it is not true for the majority of heart tattoo designs found online today. Red hearts are the classical way to symbolize love, but that is not the only meaning attributable to a heart. You can create heart tattoo designs that have nothing to do with love. The shape is universally recognized, but it is not associated with love in every culture. For instance, the heart shape is often associated with religious and cultural beliefs. The shape also holds sentimental meaning for some people. If you are searching for unique heart tattoo designs, consider the many printable tattoo designs at BullsEyeTattoos.com. The site does feature some love-inspired heart tattoo designs, but it also shows some unique designs that are more artistic. For example, the Glass Heart tattoo design shows an interesting glass heart with a broken red heart bleeding from within. The vine, ribbon, and tribal heart designs are artistic and attention-grabbing, and you have to look closely to see the incorporated hearts. The site also features heart tattoo designs with daggers, wings, skulls, barbed wire, and even a sexy kitten. As you browse through page after page of interesting heart tattoo designs at BullsEyeTattoos.com, you will see that hearts are anything but ordinary in the hands of a talented artist. Heart tattoos can symbolize your love for someone special, but they can also symbolize the negative sides of love. Or, they may have nothing to do with love at all. read more

Matching Practicality with Design

Floor lamps are hugely useful thanks to their bendy flexible design that allows you to angle aspects of the lamp to ensure you have optimum lighting. They are especially useful for lighting work and books but also look good and work well for feature lighting if you only need part of the room to be well lit.  Their ability to fit in small spaces often makes them more practical then a lamp and the flexible head makes them more practical then a wall light.

The Anglepoise floor lights at GeoffreyHarris.co.uk are a great range that marries practicality with style.  The balanced arm lamp was designed by car designer George Carwardine in 1932.  He realized the practicality of having a lamp that can be used in various tasks and tilted to ensure the light hit the most needed areas. read more

How to Join Two or More Fabric Materials

Are you often puzzled on how the comforters are made? If not, this page will provide you with a brief review of such challenging task.

When we say quilting, it refers to a process of sewing wherein two or more layers of materials are joined together to come up with a thicker material. This can be done manually or with the use of hands, use of a sewing machine or some sort of high-technology system.

Furthermore, there are different types of sewing method. These may include:

  • Outline
  • Accent
  • Ditch
  • Motif
  • Fill
  • Allover
  • Selective

Photo Credit: gardengatequilting.com
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