Oktoberfest: A Traditional Way to Celebrate

When festivities cross your mind, definitely “fun” would be the first thing to sink in. How much more if it is the Oktoberfest in Germany? This 16 to 18-day long folk festival is jam packed with loads of entertainment and activities that would not leave room for boredom.

What is Oktoberfest?

In the Bavarian culture, Oktoberfest is considered as one of the most important events. As a matter of fact, the first Oktoberfest was celebrated in honor of Prince Ludwig’s marriage to Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen. Since people find it exciting, it was repeated and held every year at Munich, Bavaria, Germany where millions of people gather. On this year, Oktoberfest will be on September 16 to October 3. read more

Staycation at Hotel H20 For My Daughter’s 7th Birthday

One unique resort hotel that you can find in the Philippines is the Hotel H2O. It is imbued with relaxing and luxurious indulgence that every businessman or traveller will surely love. With the marine-theme which is first in the Philippines, one can feel a different and euphoric experience.

Staying at Hotel H20 to celebrate my daughter’s 7th birthday was an awesome idea! Credit to me of course! We were contemplating of going to HK Disneyland or Boracay but because of some unavoidable circumstances, we ended up looking for a place near Manila. And for kids and the kids-at-heart mommy, after votation, we finally booked at Hotel H20. Yipee! And we didnt just stay in the hotel, we also bought tickets for the Manila Ocean Park! Awesome! (I will post another for Manila Ocean Park) read more

Unique Gift for A Favorite Uncle

Our favorite uncle had just celebrated his birthday. He’s already widowed and every loves him because of he’s always been close to our kids. Now that he’s retired, he just spend his days doing carpentry and creating wooden stuff for his grand children as well as his grand nieces and nephews. He is such a cool uncle that even kids from far off relatives love being in his company. My husband specifically searched the internet to buy Arturo fuente cigars as his gift for his uncle. He said he grew up hearing wonderful stories about his uncle and his experiences while he worked as a forest ranger and cigars were very important to him. read more

Barbecue Party at Pink Mango

My 35th birthday celebration is not over yet. Yesterday was just one of the series of activities for my day. Not that I planned it that way, but it was like a blessing in disguise.

I thought that my 35th birthday will just be a simple family and close friends gathering but ended up partying till the wee hours of the night. We sang and danced, laughed and cheered with free flowing beers and barbecue to share with! With a big “kampay” on the side!

We partied at Pink Mango until our hearts desire, singing and dancing using the newly upgraded videoke and lcd tv mounts on the wall. It was just perfect for the night. read more

Today Is My Birthday, Happy Birthday To Me

I am just happy.. inspite of everything, I am blessed and happy for all the love, support and genuine friendship people has bestowed on me.

To my hubby and kids, I love you from the bottom of my heart. You surprised me the moment I came out from bed still in my white pajamas, was touched with your song!

To my colleagues in the office, thanks for the food that you prepared for me. To Insek, as always, your spaghetti is the best in town! To Judith, your broiled chicken and macaroni – yummilicious. And to the rest of the team – thanks a lot! read more

Alternative Birthday Gift For Mom

My mother will turn 54 years old tomorrow September 4. It was a blessing in disguise that I was tasked to go to Bukidnon to accompany my colleague. For once, I was hesitant as it was also in time for my kids MCU examination. On the other hand, my heart is pushing me to go as its the time to bond and celebrate the birthday of my mother. In the end, it was a mixture of good reasons and good intentions.

Her birthday wish is a digital camera. After reconciling with my brother who agreed to split the cost, I bought the camera. My mom was so happy! She deserves more but finance is limited at this time. I am still checking online for other alternative gift I could order for delivery tomorrow. read more