What Niche Blogging is All About?

You might know what blogging is all about. In fact, you might be interested in starting up your very own personal blog. Most people start writing and publishing on their personal blog, but soon, the topics veer and stay in one of their best interest. It soon caters to a specific audience and provides certain information on a particular category that is depending on the blog owner’s choice. The blogger finds a topic and a category that he or she is passionate to write about and develops a niche blog. read more

Still Active with Trekpay?

Hey fellow bloggers, I have been a member of Trekpay but not so much on the clicking side. Just a member for the same of being a member. Those were the days when I was actively trying to find means to earn extra income online when I was still pregnant with Alexa.

Anyway, how about you? Are you still active in paid to click programs like Trekpay? I just checked my account and found $ 2.90 in my account. Should I continue clicking? Maybe. Dont know yet. But lets see when I have nothing to do.