Top Lifestyle Products found in Karton

Karton is both a cool online bazaar with unique items, and a community of buyers and sellers who know about quality merchandise. If you are crazy about lifestyle products that are difficult to find, Karton is the place to explore. Would you like to check out some of the most popular lifestyle products available to online shoppers right now?

Herbal ointment: Joco Balm of Bees (10 grams)

Products with all natural ingredients are trending these days, and for good reason. For the reasonable price tag of PHP150.00 you get a refreshing and inspirational herbal ointment. The pure organic product is composed of high quality, sustainable ingredients, including beeswax, coconut oil, and oil of yellow fruit moonseed, among others. read more

Stylish Rings for Women


Women love to wear accessories that express their moods and personality. Some of the most basic accessories are the earrings, necklace and those stylish rings. Some women would even wear two or more rings because they have different meanings for different types of rings. On the ring finger, women wears her engagement and her wedding ring. But she may also wear her ordered class rings online especially if it is exquisitely made. Not all class rings makes it any fashionable women’s fingers but customizing a specific ring to the kind of lifestyle and fashion style is the solution proudly wear your class ring. read more

Uniquely Different Wedding Bands

Some quirky and uniquely different couples want to have a different but equally memorable wedding celebration than those who prefer the classic and the traditional. They put extra care in coming up with the entourage and the venue dress up. Some of couples put time and effort in ensuring that what they have in mind will be realized on their big day. Of course, they also want to have uniquely different rings like the ones you find on Scott Kay wedding bands. Some even go for personalized wedding bands, but those who are pressed for time settle for the most unique ones they can find. read more

Own A Piece of History

Own A Piece of History

Share a piece of American history with your loved ones for the next gift giving event. At we offer a variety of silver eagles and an unmatched collection of historically significant items in mint condition. Other popular items include beautifully encapsulated memorabilia made into jewelry.

We carry a huge selection of specialty items for those just discovering the joys of collecting, as well as for serious collectors who are interested in discovering rare historical items. Our Boxed-Sets are a thoughtful combination of items which tell the story of a significant period in American history. Set inside wooden cases, our boxed-sets tell the story of our nations most important wars through a thoughtful collection of coins and postage stamps. All of our items come with Authenticating documentation so you can feel confident that what you receive are original pieces of American history. read more

Wish List: South Sea Pearls

A person’s fashion preference depends largely on its lifestyle, taste and status in the society. Among the different trends in jewelries, South Sea Pearls is the most sought after and widely use anywhere in the world. This is generally because of its distinctive features that mostly compliments with any kind of style. This kind of pearl is considered unique as it varies in colors; white, silver and sometimes golden tone.

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The fashion orientation of an individual is influenced by his perception of things, expression of one’s self, the kind of environment that he have and most of all his general perspective in life. Choosing the right fashion is a kind of passion that a person should have to be able to express himself freely without being judged negatively. read more

A Convenient Way to Shop

Shopping is one of the activities that are inevitable for a homemaker. It is like part of their responsibility because whether she likes it or not, she needs to do it to have the needed things at home for her family. Oftentimes, going to the malls or supermarkets can be inconvenient especially when a long drive is needed plus the fact that you need to bring your kids with you all the time because no one’s going to watch over them at home.

The birth of the online shops was such a hit especially for those who preferred to shop at the comforts of their home. Online shopping is a convenient way to purchase the things you need in from ready to wear to grocery items. Online shopping is like shopping at the point of your fingertips. read more