Packing Delicious: Pre-packed Food Delivered to Your Doorstep

Packing Delicious has just launched. This online market place offers customers easy  access to canned, bottled and frozen food delivered anywhere in Metro Manila.

Manila, Philippines – Hunger can strike anywhere, anytime. But when it happens just when you get home after a long day of work, you are faced with a few choices: call your usual fast food place, slave over a hot stove or drive to the closest restaurant. Now you have another option: Packing Delicious!

PackingDelicious is an online market place for pre-packed food. These are canned, bottled or frozen goods that are ready-to-eat any time, and in the comfort of your own home. So whether you get hungry in just after a gruelling 3-hours of traffic or in the middle of the night, you can enjoy that delicious gourmet tuyo or that ready-to-heat frozen gourmet meal.

Why Choose PackingDelicious?

  • Easy to Ordering Process – PackingDelicious is easy and free to use for all buyers. The website is arranged by categories such as Bottled Food, Snacks & Desserts, Ready-to-Heat Meals, Pre-packed Meats and much more.
  • Best Price and Great Discounts – The team takes every effort to get the best price for the food sold by our merchants. Packing Delicious also offers exclusive promos and packages for registered buyers.
  • Love Local – We prioritize locally made food products so when you buy from Packing Delicious, know that you are supporting the small business and entrepreneurs.
  • Great Variety – We continue to add merchants on a daily basis to ensure you get top quality food at the best price. We also try the food ourselves as part of our quality control.
  • Direct Delivery to Your Doorstep – We are currently servicing the entire Metro Manila for one low price.  We pick up from the merchant and deliver the pre-packed food to your doorstep the same-day or the next day.

For more information please visit:

After visiting their website, these are my favorites for my family:

 photo Casa Amarilla Burger Patties-600x600.jpg
Pre-packed Meals: Casa Amarilla-Burger Patties

 photo Truffle Mushroom Dip-600x600.jpg
Ready-to-Heat Meals: Gourmet Corner-Dip – Truffled Mushroom Dip
About Packing Delicious

Packing Delicious is a marketplace website and delivery logistics service for packed food, which includes canned, bottled or frozen food. These home-grown favorites from local and artisan food producers are delivered directly to the customer’s doorstep.

Packing Delicious provides a centralized approach to marketing and sales for these vendors plus the logistics capacity to pick up items from their pick up point and ensure same-day or next-day delivery to the end-customer via our its logistics network.

For more information, visit

Contact Details:
Jade-Ceres Dolor
Packing Delicious
Email :

When Dining Out

Make dining out a pleasure, even if you’re watching what and how much you eat. Just keep these pointers in mind:

  • Arrive on time for your dinner reservation so you won’t forced to wait in the cocktail, drinking and nibbling. If you want a cocktail, drink a single glass of dry wine, spritzer, or light beer slowly so it lasts through the cocktail period and into dinner. For non-alcoholic refreshment, sip a glass of no-calorie club or mineral water with a wedge of lemon or lime.
  • Start your meal with a soup, fresh fruit cup or fruit or vegetable juice. Avoid creamed soups and heavily sauced pasta appetizers. When ordering a salad before dinner, ask for it minus the dressing, with a low-calorie dressing on the side, or with a lemon wedge.
  •  If the restaurant has a salad station, choose your meal around an appetizing, nutritious assortment of greens and fresh vegetables. But watch out for those tempting toppings and calorie-laden dressings. Substituting a squeeze of fresh lemon or vinegar and a sprinkle of fresh pepper for the usual dressing helps you keep your salad meal within your calorie limits.
  • Since serving sizes in restaurants are often very large, consider ordering a hearty appetizer or a baked potato along with a small salad for your entrée. Otherwise, select your main dish from the baked, boiled, or poached poultry, fish or lean-meat specialties. Ask how gravies and sauces are prepared. If they’re made with butter or cream, request that they be served separately
  • Inquire about low-calorie, low-fat and low-salt items if you don’t see them on the menu. Fresh fruit, too, is generally available but often not listed. Many restaurants today are recognizing customer interest in light eating and are expanding their offerings.

Cooking Like a Pro

Cooking for your loved ones is one of the best ways to practice your culinary prowess. Many believe that food are more flavorful if it is cooked with feelings of love and caring much like our mother’s cooking. When you love cooking, you would surely keep your kitchen clean and neat. The kitchen is my favorite part of the house and have special place to organize my pots and pans so that I can cook like a pro anytime I want. These kitchen organizers actually do a lot for organizing a kitchen making it look like one from a cooking show.

Fresh Veges “Eggplant” from the Backyard

I am so happy that after a few months, we can finally harvest some fresh veges, free from any chemicals straight from our backyard.

These are the eggplants that I got this morning of different variants.

 photo 20130616_110904_resized_zpseb26afa2.jpg

We actually took around 5 pcs a few days before but wasn’t able to take a photo.. Now I can brag that I have my own little garden just like in the old days. I miss living in the provinces where I can grow lots of vegetables and flowers.

Upgrading Your Equipment

A food and restaurant business is the kind of business that is very ideal to operate because every human being needs to eat. The challenge for most restaurant owners is how to make their business attractive to their target market. You may offer delicious food in your restaurant or give the best service in your catering events but if you do not have the necessary equipment in your business, you may still find your business in the losing end.

Upgrading your equipment is one factor to make your business stand out among the rest. You may browse through Rapids Wholesale catering equipment for you to have an idea on what kind of equipment to invest on to make your food business efficient and even more appealing to your customers.

Valentines Gift To Your Loveydovey

Loveydovey is the new name I got from someone close for his love. Nice word right? Anyway, in less than a month, we will be celebrating Valentines Day, do you have a gift for your partner already? What do you have in mind? Jewelry? Bag? Flowers? Dress? Those are the commong gifts for the wives and girlfriends, but lately, I found this website Hey, if you want to give me a gift, I would prefer to receive these handcrafted edible brownie pops. It looks so yummy, I wouldn’t be able to eat that, will probably just display until the rest of the year.. lol

Oktoberfest 2011 at the Sofitel in cooperation with German Club

The origin of Oktoberfest started when the Bavarian King Max Joseph who later became King Ludwig I married Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen on 12 October 1810. Five days after, October 17 (happens to be my birthday), a big fest was celebrated in front of one of the gates leading to Munich, the Sendlinger Tor.

Good things happen to those who are early! Why? Because we had the chance to have a photo opps with The Bavarian Sound Express Band.


The band in action:

But every event for Filipinos, it aint complete with lechon! This was the beef lechon served during the event. We arrived there at around 6:30 PM, but this was not served until the official start of the party.


Wide selection of German sausages but my favorite si bratwrust with sauerkraut. But of course there were lots of food to choose from: beef, chicken, veal, or pork, potato salad, cabbage and a many more.


Hubby pouring the beer glasses..


Cheers to Viva Pinay!


Coffee Drinker

Coffee is already a part of my life. I drink around 4/5 cups everyday. One cup before breakfast while reading news paper, another one when I arrived in the office, next cup is after lunch and depending on appointments in the afternoon that could sum up to 4 or 5 cups. I guess, I could be classified as an addict coffee drinker. I love it served hot with creamer or fresh milk, no sugar please.

Tomorrow, we will be visiting a friend who is into coffee shop business and he wants us to install him a signage infront of the shop. This time, he wants to have with flex and translucent stickers.

Doener, A Turkish Food

Doener has been our favorite snack on the go while in Berlin. This food has overtaken the popularity of bratwurst, currywurst and other kinds of sausages.

Doener or locally called Shawarma, is a grilled meat wrapped in a pita bread with shredded lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, onions, meat mixed with different kinds of dressings. This food was first introduced in Berlin in the 1970’s by Turkish immigrants.

I don’t like the Shawarma sold here in Manila but I love Doener in Berlin for its distinct taste and affordability. Hey, the serving is really big!! I mean BIG!