The Benefits of Using an Independent Insurance Agent

Obtaining an insurance policy can be a complicated process with all of the factors that are involved. You’ll need to choose the different benefits that are available and the amount of coverage that you want to have available. Here are a few advantages of using an independent insurance agent.

Speak to Licensed Experts

You can have peace of mind knowing that you’re making better decisions with the help of licensed experts that will be happy to provide you with their expertise. The experts will translate everything into layman’s terms to ensure that you understand what you agree to before signing your name on each document. They’ll work as your personal advisors that can understand your individual needs and what you can benefit from the most.

They Give You Options

Instead of settling for a specific amount of coverage or rate you can enjoy having more options when using independent insurance agents. The agents will provide you with a variety of policies from the top rated insurance companies in Florida to ensure that you find something that fits your needs and budget. The agents will also do all of the shopping for the policies that you choose from, which can save you time with the process.

Agents are Available Locally

Independent agents are situated in the local area and are considered to be your neighbors, which means that they understand your insurance needs. You can rest assured knowing that they’re right around the corner and are easy to contact when you have questions or concerns. They’re residents who purchase goods from local businesses and support the sports leagues in the city, which can make them more relatable and easy to talk to with your insurance needs.

You Can Continue to Use Their Services

Independent insurance agents will continue to work for your long-term to ensure that you’re getting the best rates and coverage. They make it a point to periodically review your coverage and can help you when you’re in transition. You can continue using their services when you plan to buy a home, renovate your house, and get married.

You can take advantage of a long list of benefits by utilizing the extensive services that are provided by independent insurance agents. By hiring a professional that you can trust, you’ll save money and can have more coverage if an accident occurs while spending time on the road.

Business Mommies

It was in a recent meeting at my son’s school when one of the parents beside me opened up a conversation about her husband’s business. It was a recently launched advertising agency and they want to make sure that everything is going in line with the laws and that they’ve got all the protection needed in cases of issues in the future. There are a lot of insurances that we discussed but one the parents also joined in and suggested that they check the business liability insurance from to know more about how it works and the advantages of having this type of insurance for their business.

No Exam Life Insurance

These days, insurance companies have become really strict about their policies. Sometimes, you may think that their insurance offers are more of a hassle to take and may make you a little less interested to check and purchase. Fortunately, there are now life insurance quotes no exam requirement that caters to people who are too busy with work to undergo medical exam just to get an insurance policy. Term life insurance is one those policies available for people who want an affordable life insurance without too much hassle and issues. The prices of these insurance are fixed and you have to complete your payments for a certain number of years.

Your Car Impacts Your Auto Insurance

You might already know that the type of car you drive can affect your auto insurance policy. But how do you know if your car is considered a high risk or low risk car in the eyes of your insurer? And what if you’re planning to buy a new car? How can you get the best information about what sort of insurance premiums your car will attract?

Well, if you’re reading this, you’re on the right track. The Internet is a veritable goldmine of information; you just have to know where to look. One of the most reliable sources of information about auto insurance is the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (, which has heaps of statistics and research.

For example, the IIHS has a detailed table of vehicles and how many insurance claims they were involved in. In other words, it lists insurance losses by car type so you can compare and make informed decisions about the car you drive.

Did you know that the Chevrolet Corvette Convertible and Volkswagen New Beetle Convertible are among those cars that have the least losses, while the Mitsubishi Lancer and Cadillac Escalade EXT 4dr 4WD had the most losses between 2007 and 2009? Some of the statistics might surprise you!

This information can influence the car you choose, which in turn will influence the cost of all of your South Carolina insurance policies.

Plan to Buy a Cheap Insurance for Senior Citizen

My mom turned 54 years old on September 4, its her last year to enjoy before she hit the senior citizen age. Its something to look forward to! There are a lot of perks and benefits of being a senior – one of that is the 20 percent discount in all your purchases in restaurants, hotels, even in department stores. She is looking forward to receive her own card but I don’t know how will I feel. But for sure, I will plan and buy a cheap insurance for seniors should I reached that age, I will just enjoy my life and will not worry when I get sick.

Kids Protection Comes First

I wonder if the guy who had an accident has a social security disability benefits from SSS. I am sure he won’t be able to work for days maybe even weeks. That would be big financial burden for his family. That incident made me realize that its important to get an insurance for me and hubby.

How about you? Aside from the usual benefits from SSS and Philhealth, do you have other insurance from private insurance companies? We got our 2 boys their life insurance since childhood for never got the chance to discuss about our own. We prioritized on the kids protection first. But I know that in time, maybe after getting our own house, we will also buy for our own.

Secure Through Fleet Insurance

Life is full of risk, its always a gamble. But we have to realize that we take risk every single day of our lives. We commute or drive to work even if we know there is a tendency for accident. So if we know that anyway , then why not secure our life with life insurance and our vehicle with fleet insurance.

Why take the risk empty handed? Its like a soldier going to war without a gun! We have 2 Mitsubishi L300 van used for delivery of customer orders at the same time our staff’s company vehicle. The comprehensive insurance will expire on December 31 and we are thinking of insuring it to a company like UK fleet insurance provider who has been in business for 60 years, but based in the Philippines. If only Fleet Insurance UK has a branch in the Philippines, then we will not have this discussion anymore.

Getting an insurance must be based in the track record and not just on a mere campaign in newspaper and tv ads. A long and steady business is a proof of good provider.

Get Business Insurance

We are quite busy these days in preparation for the Print & Label Philippines 2010 which will be held on October 6 – 9, 2010 at the SMX Convention Center. This exhibit is co-organize by the Philippine Center for Print Excellence and Philippine Printing Technical Foundation which we are a member of.

There are several advantages of being a business club member as most members would share their ups and downs, accomplishments that encourage you to follow their footsteps not exactly the way they did it but the process of attaining it – you see, in business different folks have different strokes. Also, they would share the problems that they have encountered and would advise you the tips and tricks.

For instance, one of the best advice we got is that no matter how small your business is, you must get a small business insurance that assures you should problems occur in the future. Better safe than sorry as what they say.

We asked suggestions and recommendations from several business colleagues. Most of them openly say to try an insurance provider Netquote business insurance health . You have insured your business but not yourself. Best is to get insurance for health, business, auto, life etc. the cheapest possible way.

After serious discussion in the office, we have finalize to get a business insurance quote from them. In investing for insurance, word of mouth is important for us. We dont settle for less, we follow the best!

Christmas Wish List

The BER month is already here  and its time for another round of Christmas shopping. Have you prepared your  Christmas list?  I hope my name is in there!

At this difficult financial times, one must find a way to share the blessings received at the same time save.  Talking about saving, I have been looking for an  affordable health insurance to give as a gift to my mother.  When you get older, it is a must to prepare for any untoward incident of being ill or worst is death. Having an insurance, you are protected against huge medical expenditures in the future.

My hubby is planning to buy a netbook for his travels abroad.  Its a lot easier to travel light than carry his bulky laptop.  Its amazing how technology changes over time. A laptop used to be a handy computer but now already looks bulky!  This is his Christmas wish and will try to find means to get this for him on top of our  Christmas holiday trip.  I am now browsing for good offers and happy to have found an  HP promo code.  Great! Its really true , an early bird catches the worm.

So many new gadgets have popped up recently like the talk of the town Ipad. But for me,  I am quite happy with my netbook which I got as a gift from my brother. He said he got it cheap using Dell coupons.  Thanks little brother!

As for my Christmas wish,  I would like to have a Louis Vuitton bag. Wanna give me one?

Best Insurance Rates

Happy to be back in Berlin after 3 days in Munich to attend Fespa 2010. It was interesting in general, found new suppliers and discovered new technologies. As what they say, go to Europe to learn and go to China to copy. lol

The travel to Munich is around 600 km and takes around 6 hours drive. Thats a long drive considering that we were running at 160. But when you are in that situation, you can only think and meditate the importance of insurance.

While on the way, I cant help but call our office secretary to get the best business insurance rates. Accident is like a thief in the night, whenever know when it will hit us thus being prepared is the most vital part.

While in the exhibition, as I was tired already of walking.. I sat in the coffee shop and began talking to an American who was sitting next to my table. He is selling digital printing materials in prime grade. He then mentioned about the best business insurance in Illinois. He was kind enough to explain to me the do’s and don’ts of his business while also advising me to check on Netquote insurance.

How lucky I was to received such a generous and a free lecture on insurance. He said that the most important thing, whether it is for your car, home, business or for your family, always get insurance.