Fun Things to Do With Your Kids

Trying to keep your kids entertained during the busy summer months can be tricky. No matter how old your kids are, chances are they’re very energetic and like to keep moving. This year, there are several ways you can keep your kids occupied whether you’re at home or on-the-go.

Create a Game
Most kids love to play games. Why not come up with something you can try together? If you’re standing in line at the grocery store, you can play counting games by counting how many people on magazine covers are wearing hats. You could play a shapes game by trying to see how many triangles you can spot. You could even try to find all the letters of the alphabet. The options are endless. You don’t need a lot of supplies, time or space to play a game with your kids. All you need is a willingness to think outside the box.

Draw Together
Did you know you can try restaurant coloring pages for kids anywhere? Whether you’re at a busy restaurant, in the car or even at home, coloring pages offer a lot of fun for kids. More importantly, these pages offer a chance for your kid to get creative. You can let your child draw on your own or you can draw together. You could even draw separate pictures, then compare. Talk with your child about their picture and ask lots of questions. Why did they pick that color? What is their character wearing? Which part of the picture do they like best?

Go on a Walk
Going on walks can seem boring, but there are plenty of ways to spice things up. One of the benefits of going on walks is that you’ll have fun while getting fit. Even if you don’t need to lose weight, walking regularly can help lower your heart rate and your stress levels. Make sure you mix up your walks and try exploring new places in your local area. Sometimes just going down a different street can provide a fun, new experience. You can also try enjoying a scavenger hunt with your kids while you walk around. See how many leaves, flowers or animals you can spot on your walk.

Remember that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have fun with your kids. All you need is a little creativity and a lot of patience.

Five Fun Ways to Teach Kids to Handle Money

There is a saying that goes, “You reap what you saw”. Here some ways to teach kids how to handle their money wisely.

  1. Get them a coin bank

While young, the piggy bank is fun for kids. Encourage them to save money through coin or piggy banks. They can use it for the things they want. At a young age, they realize that it’s nice to get things through hard work of saving.

  1. Set a good example

Show some illustration of great men, who used their money wisely. Like how some people get rich through handling money carefully.

  1. Show them what is important.

When buying things, don’t let them just buy what they want. Teach them to differentiate the meaning of wants and needs.

  1. Teach them how to budget.

If you have a child and you gave allowances before going to school. Teach them to budget their allowance wisely.

  1. Don’t spoil them with money.

Shower your kids with love, not money. Teach them how to handle money for giving them what  exactly what they need.

While young, teach kids to handle money so that when they grow old, they know how to handle their own money wisely.

Kids On Bikes 2016

 photo Kids On Bikes Official Poster.jpg
Are you are looking for a fun but inexpensive activity for you and your family before the summer officially kicks in? Gear up and get your kids’ bicycles ready for Kids On Bikes 2016, the first bike carnival competition in the country.

Kids On Bikes is a national fun race to promote good health and wellness for the kids, aiming to foster camaraderie, bonding, and fun for the whole family.

Supported by Unilab’s Growee, this event promotes good health and wellness for kids, because it is important for our kids to have strong bones and muscles. Most importantly, this event also aims to cultivate a fun bonding experience for the whole family.  It’s not enough for kids to just be tall, they have to be tough as well! Growee not only has CGF for maximum height, it also has Vitamin D for strong bones and strong muscles! With Vitamin D found in Growee, kids are not just tall, they’re tough too!


Kids On Bikes is a sports biking competition for kids. As a race to good health and wellness, this sports activity aims to promote discipline, good health, and sportsmanship for the kids. Kids On Bikes also fosters bonding, camaraderie, and fun for the whole family.


Kids on Bikes to be an annual race competition, declaring the biker kid of the year. Kids On Bikes will be massively promoted in schools and will have regional legs nationwide. This will be legitimized in to a national event campaign to be supported by the national and local governments.


Kids On Bikes aims to raise benefactions for the less fortunate children in our communities by endowing the kids with bikes. Together with our partners and supporters, we are able to expand our campaign of health and wellness for the kids.


Kids On Bikes is a national fun race to promote good health and wellness for the kids, aiming to foster camaraderie, bonding, and fun for the whole family.

Race Categories

    • Fun Ride – kids ages 3-5 years old : This is a no-competition fun race for the kids. A family activity where participants are joined by parents or guardians to play in a stress free and fun mini playground.

 photo Kids On Bikes Race Category 3.jpg

    • Bike Relay – kids ages 6-8 years old : This is a team mini bike race competition where the kid and up to two family members compete with the other teams in a relay type of race.

 photo Kids On Bikes Race Category 2.jpg

    • Main Race – kids ages 9-13 years old : This is the major bike competition. The kids will have a friendly competition where kids will race each other to be hailed as the “The Biker Kid Of The Year”.

 photo Kids On Bikes Race Category 1.jpg
The Legs/Venues

  • March 06, 2016 at the SM Mall Of Asia Grounds (Opening)
  • March 19, 2016 at the Ayala Alabang Country Club
  • March 27, 2016 at the UP Diliman Grounds
  • April 09, 2016 at the SM Mall of Asia Grounds (Finale)

How To Join

It’s free and easy to join!

  • Register online at the Kids On Bikes PH Facebook page.  Like and Click the ‘Sign Up’ button.

  • Just present a carton box of Growee 250ml (or 2 carton of Growee 120ml) in exchange for the Race Kit which consists of the following:
  1. Singlet jersey race
  2. First aid kit
  3. Water provision
  4. Snack provision
  5. Race map
  6. Race number sticker
  7. Kids on Bikes water jugs
  8. Certificate of participation
  • Bring your own bikes and gears.

A limited number of bikes & gears will be available for those without bikes.

  • Race to fun!


For more information, please visit/contact:

Kids On Bikes PH



Cornhole – Entertaining Game for all Ages

When you’re hosting a gathering, it’s common to worry about the house being clean, or having the right food. If you’ve got guests of all ages coming, it’s also important to worry about keeping everyone at least somewhat entertained. It’s always great to have a few games around the house that can easily be played by both children and adults. Whether you’re having a formal get-together, or your kids just happen to have some friends over, something that all ages can enjoy is the perfect fit.

One game that fits the bill is called Cornhole. It’s a deceptively simple looking game, usually involving two boards, set at a slight tilt, with one hole in each board. Bean bags are tossed at the boards and points are scored by either sinking the bean bag into one of the holes, or having a bean bag remain on the board without falling off the edge. You can play one vs. one, or in teams. Most anyone can successfully toss the bean bag at the board. Those with a little more skill (or luck) will get the bag in the hole.

In addition to this being a game for all ages, it is a great game to have along at outdoor events. With proper customizations, you can even play this game at night. When playing the game outside, consider getting some lights to go with your board. It makes it that much more fun in the dark. You can purchase the lights from a company like Custom Corn Toss , They sell everything Cornhole related, including the Cornhole lights, that you can install easily on your existing game boards. FYI, they sell pre-painted boards, but for those of us who are always looking for another project to try with the kids, they also sell an unpainted set so you can paint / decorate your own. Your kids might enjoy trying out their artistic skills by coming up with their own design.

 photo cornholelights.jpg

In theory, you can play this game inside or out, so it’s not a bad thing to have around on a rainy day. Just make sure that your kids are pretty accurate ‘toss-ers’ so that they’re not knocking anything off your walls in the heat of the game!

Let’s Play Balls at Ball Pit Manila

 photo ball pit manila 4.jpg.png

Guess what, the biggest and coolest adult playground is coming to Manila with 80,000 balls to play with! How cool is that?!?

Who wants to play balls with me? For sure, my kids will surely say ME, ME, ME! Yup, I have 3 adventurous kids who would love to jump in but sorry kiddos – this playground is just adults! And for once, I want to experience how to be a kid again. Thanks to Ball Pit Manila for this awesome opportunity!

 photo ball pit manila 3.jpg.png

Ball Pit Manila will open this coming March 2015 in Makati City. They are currently offering tickets at an introductory price of Php 299.00 (Php 200 off instead of Php 499.00). Cool price for the coolest playground in Manila!  Grab now the discounted rate before its late! Ticket comes with free coffee. So what are you waiting for?

Visit their website and other social media accounts for more details. You can also email them at

 photo ball pit manila 2.jpg.png
For more information, visit them at their Social Media Accounts :

Website    :
Facebook :
Twitter      :
Instagram :

Craze for Tablets and Smartphones

The craze for tablets and smartphones is spreading to even younger kids, that even toddlers under 2 have used these gadgets. The most common activities they do is playing games, 30% of kids used for reading/researching. My kids are not an exception. They do play a lot using our smartphones. I am a Samsung Mega 5.8 user while hubby is a Samsung Note 2.

Once we reached home, these 2 smartphones are oftentimes in the hands of the kids. Thus, I am thinking of buying a cheap tablet for their usage. Our Francis recently celebrated his 10th birthday and I haven’t given him any gift yet. I heard his dad plans to give him a  cool bach trumpet case. Giving him a tablet will surely makes him happy! I guess tablet is a YES for me. He can play in his spare time while do some research too.  My smartphone then is  solely for myself.  I wish!

Summer Lessons

Summertime will soon end and in as much as I want to enroll the kids to learn Roland at guitar center, but time and finance doesn’t permit at the moment. We are still in Davao City to open a new company. The kids are for sure bored already thus to entertain them, I let them play at a nearby internet cafe. I know its bad but for now, thats the only way so they will not go on my nerves of boredom.

Hopefully next summer, perhaps ballet lesson for my dear little princess and guitar lessons for the boys.

Sleeping Bags

Its summer time and kids are looking for ways to entertain themselves. These past few days, they were busy swimming at our portable swimming pool. Since we recently just moved, our things are all over the place and they saw the Nemo Sleeping Bags that we bought years ago. I heard they will sleep on them tonight. Lets just see how things will move this time. When they are on a team, anything is possible for these kids. Looking forward for their experiments!

Choosing Lovely Gifts for a Lovely Niece

Having a new baby girl in the family is a wonderful experience for proud grandparents as well as new aunts and uncles. I heard that I am going to be a new aunt to a lovely little girl in a month’s time and I am really excited about it. My daughter is no longer a baby and she’s growing up fast so even if it’s an accepted tradition to give away some of her stuff, I think that the fabrics of her clothes and her baby girl nursery bedding are already threadbare and worn out.

So I’m just thinking of ordering some lovely designed nursery bedding that I can give my niece as a welcome gift. My main concern really is the fabric because a baby’s skin is really sensitive and since ordering online will prevent me from checking how it feels in my hand, I’m simply relying on feedbacks and recommendations from friends as well as those given by clients on those online stores. Choosing colors is simple and since it’s a baby girl, I am sure biased on choosing pastels and pinks. Price is not a major concern for me as long as I can be sure that what I can give my niece is high quality and lovely as she is.