The Right Jewellery To Wear on your Wedding Day

The decision to marry is an important personal event. In India’s culture, the bride and wedding party make adornments an essential component of the wedding festivities. Traditional Indian brides wear jewels to beautify every part of the body. Mothers and grandmothers of the bride and groom also wear their finest jewels to celebrate the event.

Indian brides wear their finest jewellery on the wedding day. They select precious gems like diamonds, emeralds, pearls, rubies, sapphires, and jade to express the joy of love and family. Indian brides frequently choose jewels to wear from heads to toe. A sparkling tiara in the hair, golden pendants or hair clips give the bride a regal appearance. read more

My Family Travel Essentials

Having kids and  tagging them along on our travel requires a lot of planning and making reservations ahead of time. Nowadays, instead of celebrating  our birthdays with parties which requires a lot of preparations and enormous efforts, we have decided to travel instead. Be it locally or abroad, hotels  with pools and playgrounds are our ideal choices for a short family vacation.

What do I bring for this short stay? Of course, even if its a short staycation- I still bring all my travel essentials whether I travel abroad alone or with the kids locally. read more

5 Basic Shoes Every Woman Must Have

Women can’t get enough of shoes. Many women think that they must have every shoes or sandals that go on trend. This is not only wasteful but it may also pile up on your rack without you even remembering to use them again. The key here is to know which types of shoes will go well with your wardrobe. Having a pair of black pumps solves your issue of not having anything to go with your LBS’s and power suits. On the other hand a heeled sandal in a natural hue will be great for fancy events such as weddings and parties. You should also invest in a flat pair of sandals that will let your feet breathe and enjoy walking with. White sneakers and ballet flats are the other two basic pair that every woman should have and it needs no explanation for that! read more

Get Fashionably In With Wig Hairdos

The human race shows an obsessive preoccupation with hair or the lack of it. Since early times, hair has been fascinating to both men and women. In myths and stories, Rapunzel let down your hair, or when Samson’s hair was cut by Delilah to render him vulnerable.

More so, hair is not just a part of the story, but it plays an important role in fashion as well. Through time, it has evolved into a need and fashion. However, way back time, wigs were demonstrated as wealth and it stresses the importance of the person wearing it. read more

Replica Designer Handbags – Excellent Way To Look Fashionable

For those people who have the savor for fashionable things in the life, but exclusive of sufficient amount to pay for the lavish products, these reasonable reproduced replica ones are actually the ideal and smart choice. Eminence Replica designer handbags that are the value simulation of stylish luxury handbags are such types of fashionable things. You will be amazed with the marvelous design, wonderful workmanship and long-lasting function of the replica designer handbags. These quality bags are completely copied from the original luxury and fashionable bags. From the looks, they are tough to differentiate from the genuine. These replica handbags are very reasonable than the genuine and can simply be bought by normal persons with partial financial plan. Thus, in its place of paying a huge amount for only one genuine bag, you spend the similar sum of amount for more than a few replica bags. read more

Leather Accessories

I would like to believe that every woman owns a piece of leather accessory in her lifetime. Be it a fashionable bag, expensive shoes, a stylish leather belt, a customized bracelet or decorative pieces at home. If some settles for just one leather item to their name, most women make it sure to have the necessary pieces to complete their collection.

Leather is known for its elegance and superior quality that is why when it is already worn-out, most women resort to dyeing leather to give the item a fresh and classy look. As long as it is properly done, leather dyeing is an ideal option to make your shabby leather pieces back to life. read more