Looking Natural with Vita-E

2016 is a year for all natural, we get all serious whenever we see another DIY video on YouTube to achieve a more natural makeup, hair- do, or even a fashion OOTD. Looking natural is the way to go, achieving this looks, makes you look younger and effortlessly beautiful. Gone are the days when you put on so much blush on and foundation to cover up your blemishes, this years, trend is all about, less is more.

It’s the same issue for our skin, sometimes we get so addicted using so many products on our skin. In belief that it’ll make our skin more radiant and smooth, but that’s not always the case. Using less skin care products can be healthier for you, using a skin care product that will give you all the benefits that your skin really needs.

ATC Healthcare International Corp. searched for the best ingredient that gives a more beautiful and fit it into one convenient capsule of Vita-E.

 photo 12810160_10206476951897888_2102648931_o.jpg

Vita-E contains 400 IU of vitamin E, a known antioxidant that effectively protects the cells against free radicals and gives our skin a beautiful, youthful and effortless glow.

Free radicals are molecules that harm cells and contribute to the development of conditions such as stroke and cancer which Vita-E helps to prevent. These antioxidants are also essential for the maintenance of healthy skin by protecting it from UV-induced damage.

Vita-E works from the inside making you feel AND look great. Not only that Vita-E is essential in maintaining the functions of our heart, blood vessels, and nervous system, Vita-E also gives all around protection for a healthy immune system. Take care of what’s beneath and be naturally beautiful with Vita-E. Vita-E is recommended to be taken one capsule per day.

Vita-E is SRP P14.00 per soft gel capsule, available at Mercury Drug and all other leading drugstores nationwide.

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All Clean with Fatout

Are you all clean? Clean on the inside and the outside? Since we’re kids we’re thought to always have a good hygiene. People always make sure to teach us how to take a bath, brush our teeth, brush our hair, and stay prim and presentable at all times. Hygiene is very important in our health, but what most people forget to teach is, being clean on the inside especially our colon is very important. Worry no more because FatOutcan help with that.

FatOutcan help make your digestive system more effective. When our colon is cleansed it pushes out undigested waste, clearing the way and helping you absorb good nutrients better. With a healthy colon your digestive system allows you to easily pass undigested waste through your system which can result to having lesser risk of other digestive problems and disorder and also help in weight loss.

FatOuthas the revolutionary Sweep and Shred Formula which helps in cleansing your colon and trimming down your fat. Psyllium Husk sweeps and cleanses toxins in your colon while Green Tea Extract shreds and burns your fat. FatOut eliminates hard-to-digest fats and helps detoxify the colon. It nourishes the digestive system that can help in proper bowel movement and digestion. The sweep and Shred formula can help you lose the pounds without putting your health at risk. Note that, FatOut is not a medicinal drug and is not used to treat the symptoms of any disease.

FatOut should be taken daily, before every meal, preferably with a warm glass of water. FatOut is available at all Mercury Drug stores and other leading drugstores nationwide for SRP P125.00 per capsule. Stand out with FatOut!

For more information about FatOut, visit www.facebook.com/ATCFatOut.

 photo 12782210_10206413768878352_257529824_n.jpg

Have you been waiting for your Fairy God Mother? Then wait no more! FatOut is giving you the Ultimate Royal Treatment with The Chinita Princess, Kim Chiu! Get ready to be pampered and meet your Idol, FatOut’s newest endorser Kim Chiu! What are you waiting for? Go hit the nearest Drugstore and buy FatOut now! In order to receive a royal invite all you have to do is:

– Collect all receipts and foils of your FatOut purchases
– Register your receipts online to make your entry and tickets valid. Here’s the link! http://bit.ly/FatoutFansDayInline
– Claiming of Royal Invites will be 1-2 weeks before the event.

For questions, visit https://www.facebook.com/ATCFatOut and send us a message!  🙂

Top At Home Dental Care Tips

Going to the dentist is something that most people dread, at least to some degree. Even if you have healthy teeth, a trip to see dentist’s office isn’t’ exactly like a trip to the candy store. Although those trips to the candy store might be just what will land you in the dentist’s chair!

You can’t put it off for too long, but there are some things you can do at home to keep your teeth healthy between regular visits. Doing the right things at home will mean easier visits that are more comfortable for you.

You’ll also be in and out a lot quick. Isn’t that worth a little bit of effort right there?

Brush and Floss Regularly

You know that you need to brush your teeth and floss on a regular basis. But do you really know how often you should be doing those things?

If you ask your dentist, he or she will tell you that you need to be brushing after every meal. Flossing is something that you should really be doing after your meals as well, but at least once per day.

To avoid damaging tooth enamel, wait about 20 to 30 minutes before brushing after eating acidic foods or drinking acidic beverages like coffee or lemonade.

 photo ID-10068624.jpg

Avoid Carbohydrate-Rich Snacks

Carbohydrate-rich snacks like crackers and potato chips get stuck between your teeth. Even worse, the sugars start attacking your enamel almost immediately.

If you do enjoy snacking on these things, pair them with foods that are good for your teeth. Cheese, apples and even chicken help to clean the teeth and avoid carb-heavy foods from working overtime on your pearly whites.

Make a Dental Appointment

You might want to put it off for as long as possible, but going to the dentist is something that you really need to do. Your dentist will tell you to make an appointment every six months, and this really is the best way to keep your teeth healthy.

If you don’t go to see a Brooklyn NY dentist regularly you might find yourself needing expensive, painful dental work before you know it. Nobody wants to go to the dentist really, but even fewer people want to suffer through a root canal.

Get regular dental checkups and have your dentist call you to schedule appointments ahead of time. That way you won’t forget because you’re just too busy.

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Skin Exfoliation using Sugar Scrub By Amethy

When you are just at your early 20’s and your skin imitates the look of a 30-year old woman, then that is quite an alarming aesthetic issue. How much more if you are in your 30’s and you look like 40’s?  And 40’s but you look like in your 50’s?  You let the people know that you are under too much pressure or suffering from some sort of illness. If you do not want to be on such a difficult situation, then take the necessary steps in embracing beauty once again.

Exfoliation is defined as the removal of dead skin cells. It can be done through physical or chemical exfoliation. The former is done using abrasive scrubs while the latter use special kinds of acids or solutions to remove dead skin cells.

I was lucky to try this new product Sugar Scrub by Amethy – a home made product. Why its called “Amethy”?  Simply because Amethyst is the fave color of the manufacturer. Awesome name!

Sugar Scrub by Amethy


Main Ingredients:

  • Sugar
  • Premium Peppermint Oil
  • Vitamin E
  • Other Skin Nourishing Oils

How to Use It:

  1. Dampen your skin in the shower, rinse then slightly towel dry your skin.
  2. Give your scrub a good stir using a plastic or wooden spoon whichever is available before scooping out a generous amount on your palm. Or you can just shake the tub!  Please note, refrain from using your wet hands to avoid contamination.
  3. You may add a few drops of water to the scrub on your palm to make it smoother. I prefer to use it without as my body is anyway a little bit wet.
  4. Gently scrub your body down with it in slow and circular motions, using a very light to moderate pressure.  DO NOT SCRUB!  TOO HARD, NOR TOO LONG. Take this tip: Scrub until the sugar dissolves.
  5. Rinse clean, towel dry and enjoy the clean and refreshing feeling!

Sugar Scrub by Amethy

Reminders to Note:

  • It is recommended to scrub only 2 or 3 times a week. Please don’t overdo it. DON’T OVERSCRUB!!
  • This sugar scrub is for the body only, not recommended for the face. But this is nice for the foot scrub!
  • Shelf life is 1 to 2 months only. The manufacturer make them hours or one day before delivery.
  • Because its made of sugar, its okay to eat but not recommended. But I did, yummy! Oopps!
  • Keep away from children’s reach.

Sugar Scrub

The packaging and label is not yet final. She will add 2 or more scrub variants this year and she’ll be adding flavor or scent. What would you recommend? I would like to have a Vanilla and Lavender! Though my favorite will still be the Peppermint! 🙂  Its almost summer, this peppermint scrub will be perfect!

Initial Comment:

  • Does makes skin softer
  • Slight improvement in my skin
  • Peppermint scent wakes up my senses

For more information about the product, availability prices and where to buy it, please follow Sugar Scrub by Amethy in her Social Media Accounts:

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/purplepieces/
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/Amethystine/



Top 3 Healthy Resolutions for Women: Jumpstart your Journey to Good Health

Women tend to worry much about their health thus healthy New Year resolutions are always a thing as the year ends. Amongst these many resolutions, eating right and being physically active are on top of the list. Unfortunately for many, these resolutions go on a downhill dive comes mid-January. Before you start listing your healthy New Year Resolutions, think back on the many resolutions you’ve made years before and do away with the same this year. Consider cutting down your list on doable goals and find ways to jump start them slowly but surely.

Basically, women should start their healthy journey this year with a health exam for important tests and screening. It may not sound sexy at all and sometimes upsetting to wait for the results but being up to date with your health screenings can actually lengthen your life and move you to healthier living. Taking vitamins such as Myra 300E will also help you achieve that healthy glowing skin.

 photo myra-300-e.jpg

Eating right or eating nutritious food comes in first on women’s list of healthy New Year resolutions. This comes with women’s resolve to lose weight, but sticking to certain foods and cutting on some food groups is a major setup for failure. Instead of depriving yourself of sweets or desert make practice moderation especially during special occasions. It is also advised to take vitamins C and zinc such as Conzace for stronger immunity.

 photo conzace.jpg

Exercising and being physically active is also a resolution that tends to head wayward after a few tries. When it comes to being physically active, it is best to set realistic goals and avoid judging yourself too harshly if you don’t get your desired results in a certain time frame. There are many ways to start exercising and most of them cost nothing like jogging, trekking and yoga.

My Family Travel Essentials

Having kids and  tagging them along on our travel requires a lot of planning and making reservations ahead of time. Nowadays, instead of celebrating  our birthdays with parties which requires a lot of preparations and enormous efforts, we have decided to travel instead. Be it locally or abroad, hotels  with pools and playgrounds are our ideal choices for a short family vacation.

What do I bring for this short stay? Of course, even if its a short staycation- I still bring all my travel essentials whether I travel abroad alone or with the kids locally.

 photo 39faac5b-6418-4f8d-b605-1cd1c2c3d00d.jpg

Medicines and Vitamins

Biogesic  for me and Biogesic Syrup  for my kids. Ideal partner to treat headache, backache, toothache and even arrthritis pain.  Diatabs  is also important to bring to treat diarrhea and upset stomach.  When travelling abroad, we don’t know some of the ingredients especially for a foodie like me, I like to eat in the street food. I take Myra E everyday and Ceelin Chewables for my kiddos! Its a must to bring these too, even in our busy schedules, we shouldn’t neglect our body.

Beauty Essentials

As I said earlier, aside from taking vitamins regularly,  I also use products manufactured by well known companies like Unilab. These are some of my faves : Celeteque Dermoscience Advanced Anti-Aging Cleansing Oil, Myra Vitasmooth Facial Wash, Myra Vitawhite Whitening Hand and Body Lotion and Myra Daily Sun Protect Facial Moisturizer.

Planner and Pens

Whether its a business related travel or family, I always bring my planner. Whenever know when ideas struck my mind, I need to write them right away before I forget. And of course, to check the daily schedule in and out of the office.

Cellphone, Camera, Powerbank, Macbook Air

Yes you read it right! I am a Mommy Techie wannabe too! I like to play with gadgets. I like to document all my kids milestones, our travels and just about everything under the sun!

Cardigan and Scarf

I always bring a cardigan with me and a scarf. I cant sleep without aircon but I cant take it if its too cold also. Just a normal temp is just nice! For example, I feel always cold when I am inside the plane. I don’t know why! I love travelling but staying long in the airplane is not my cup of tea! Simply irritating and frustrating!

Clothing : Packing for clothes? One must consider the weather where you’re going to! Imagine going to a country in fall?!. We attended an exhibition in Shanghai before, weather was too cold and one of our colleagues forgot to bring close shoes! Oh my goodness!

How about you? What are your travel essentials?

The Importance of Support after a Car Crash

It’s very important to have someone around to help and support you in the hours following a car crash. While you hope you’ll never be involved in a car crash, the reality is most drivers will be involved in one at some stage. Below are a few reasons explaining why support is so critical in those hours immediately following a car crash.

Going into shock

Most people who are involved in a car crash experience a period of shock. You may suddenly become very cold and begin to shiver or shake. It is not unusual to behave emotionally – even to cry quite a lot. Your hands may take quite some time to stop shaking and it is a good idea for someone to be with you while you go through this. They can help you stay warm. Hot, sweet drinks are a good idea as well.

Due process

Like everything else that involves legal procedures, car crashes have paperwork and various other practicalities with which you will have to deal. This is an area in which a friend or family member’s support may well be critical. Perhaps they can help you remember what happened, or assist with making phone calls to your insurance company or towing agencies. They may even be able to direct you to a legal firm that specialises in car crashes, like Motor Accident Legal Service . If you’re feeling the effects of shock, ask someone to help you with this. Paperwork needs to be accurate and you may not be in the best state to handle this yourself.

Old fashioned help

On top of dealing with shock and bureaucracy, you’re also going to need some plain old fashioned help. If your car has been totalled, it’s important to get some help to organise for any passengers (like children for example) to be taken home or wherever they need to go. You might also need to borrow a car for a while – this kind of support can be important in the days following a car crash.

Professional help

Depending on how scary and traumatic your car crash experience has been, you may want to consider professional help. If you find yourself unable to sleep properly in the days or weeks after the accident, pay attention to what your mind and body are telling you. Perhaps the crash has brought up other fears you thought were behind you – this is not uncommon. You’ve been through a confronting experience – perhaps you or someone you knew in the car was seriously injured or killed, or there was a very near miss in that direction for you. Any or all of these occurrences may trigger psychological reactions for you. If you find yourself experiencing flashbacks to the accident, nightmares, or just a higher than usual level of anxiety, don’t ignore it. Tell your doctor or counsellor, and take steps to follow any professional advice you receive.

Support in the hours following a car crash is very important. You need a friend or family member around to help you out with practicalities as well as the stress and emotional toll of the crash.

What support did you find the most useful after an accident? How important was it to your recovery period? Share your story in the comments below.

Feel Lighter and Be Healthier with Constipaid Digestics

I recently feel like I am bloated and constipated so I tried drinking more water and take in fibrous foods and fruit juices. I don’t want to take anything synthetic so I always choose the more natural and healthier options. However, I don’t really think that water and those fruit juices are enough. I still feel constipated and heavy in my tummy. Good thing I discovered Digestics Probiotic Constipaid from Sample Room.

Digestics probably is the first product I’ve encountered that combined probiotics and fiber in a single product. This easily sets them apart from the rest of natural food supplements available in the market today. Clinical studies have confirmed the efficacy and safety of Constipaid so you are assured of digestive balance and achieve regular bowel movement. It comes in a tasty-powder form that is packed in a convenient single dose foil stick sachet. One sachet contains more than 1 billion live good bacteria and four grams of fiber which is equal to a bowl of oatmeal and only 16 calories!

This new discovery is not only great for keeping your tummies healthy, it is also great for those who want to lose weight. Its rich fiber content will make you feel full longer so you avoid eating too much or binging when you have uncontrollable cravings.

On Health and Coffee


I love coffee, but the news about its negative effects can make me paranoid and seriously consider giving up this vice. Fortunately, studies and research about positive stuff and health benefits of coffee are emerging and giving light for regular coffee drinkers. A study made by the New England Journal of Medicine, showed that regular coffee drinkers actually have lower risks of death compared to non-drinkers. This wonderful news still needs more research and study, yet coffee drinkers rejoices on the fact that drinking coffee is not totally bad for their health. Though of course, too much of something is still not a good thing.