Music and Productivity

Working on documents, articles and other paper works seems a little less stressful and even enjoyable when there is music playing in the background. I guess it’s true that music can improve one’s productivity because it relaxes your mind so ideas flow uninterrupted. When you are at home, you can play music straight out of your speakers and even enjoy it loudly, but if you are working in the office you might want to buy a headphone so that you will not disturb others who may not like the kind of music that you are listening to.

International Women’s Day

Today we celebrate the International Women’s Day and in the Philippines, March is considered as the Women’s Month. There will be activities for the empowerment of women for this month. We can expect Fun Runs and Zumba dance exhibitions, road shows, concerts featuring cute tkl mandolin case at guitar center. During this month, many government agencies join in for women’s convergence and expo where businesses, products and services especially made for women are featured. The whole world really salutes women for their strength, power, wisdom and love and I am not surprised to see Google’s version for this magnanimous celebration.


What WA12 Features can do?

Most microphone preamplifier in the market focuses on raising the volume to give the sound a distinct character. However, this mechanism is totally futile because the sound still remains to be plain and lacking character. In this dilemma, a warm preamp like the WA12 packed with features enters the scene.

  • High-impedance (2MΩ) instrument
  • Polarity-invert button
  • 48V phantom power
  • Tone button
  • 71db of Gain
  • Clear sound
  • Cinemag input and output transformers

Overall, the features of the WA12 give difference to the sounds emitted from electric bass and guitars. Nevertheless, these sounds are rich and solid.

Starting the Search for the Perfect Valentines Gift

Some people say that Valentines is well marketed for men seeking gifts for the special girl in their life. Well many women will disagree with this. Women are more thoughtful and sweet than most men so for this special occasion, they will surely start early in searching for the perfect gift for their men. Even if it’s as rare as some of fishman guitar parts & pickups, they will surely scour online shops as well as local shops to find it. I’m sure women will pull all their resources so that they can produce the best and most appropriate gifts for their Valentine.

Genz-Benz Amplifiers

Genz-Benz Amplifiers at musicians friend is what my friend from the province asked me to buy! Her husband is a musician and needs that badly. Hope to be able to find time early next week. I have lots of time actually but am just too lazy to go out.

My next doctor appointment is on Tuesday so I might visit the music store too. The music store is not that far from Southeast Asian Medical Center. Oh gosh, I really have to focus on my health now. Have a serious problem with my thyroid, I don’t know why it took me so long to consult an ENT doctor. Now, it seems the lump is already around 5-6 cm. Too big and very visible already! Lazy bum!

Christmas Cheers Performances

Growing up in the province makes me feel nostalgic about the activities we have especially during the holidays. Schools gather up their best vocalists, singers and musicians to create a coral group that will compete at the local Christmas Cheers Competition. This group starts practicing weeks before the competition to perfect their rhythm and be able to sing flawlessly from their hearts. When you hear children singing Christmas cheers it always sounded like angels are singing from the heavens. I wonder if our school has tried checking out flutes for sale at Musicians Friend so that they can save on the costs of the instruments that the children will be using this year.  

A Showcase of Musical Instruments

During the holidays, one of the things that easily attract shoppers is the showcase of especially stores of their most popular products. There are instances that they put them on display outside their stores so that shoppers can check it out in detail. The same thing happens on online stores too. You can find the performance series at musicians friend highlighted on their website to encourage online shoppers to check them out and consider these for their gift list. You can also find great deals on these showcase with lots of discounts and freebies too. Shopping for a musical instrument and accessory for gift giving these holiday season has never been this easy!

Buying a Keyboard for a Future Musician

Watching the The Voice US episodes seemed to inspire our little nephew to try his hands out the old piano. He’s fingers are quite nimble and he has a good ear for the music. Despite being young, we know that we’re going to have future musician in our family. A good way to support and encourage his musical interest is to surround him with more instruments and singing. The whole family will be passing the hat on to come up with funds to buy a Nord keyboard that will surely excite the kid and make him more passionate and interested to pursue music.

Lonely Planet’s Best Train Rides

I was looking at some martin lifespan 6100 at guitar center to send to my dear friend living in another continent when an email from Lonely Planet popped up from the notifications. The theme for this month is about some of the world’s best train rides. In the Philippines, the only trains you get to ride are the old rickety PNR trains with coaches as old as your grandfather. These trains travel from Manila to some provinces in the south. Of course there are also three routes serviced by the Metro Railway Transit but that is all. I wish I could take the Trans-Siberian Express or the Orient Express one of these days. A train ride in Europe is also considered as one of the best ways to see the countryside and scenic landscapes.

Acquaintance Parties at for Freshmen Students

Classes have started once again and one of nieces had just graduated from primary school. She’s now a freshman at junior high and she’s pretty excited to explore her new school. It seems that most of her friends from primary school are also going to the same school. She’s hesitant to join the acquaintance party set for the freshmen because she’s not very fond of loud electro-harmonix type of music but we are all encouraging her to go so that she’d be able to socialize with her new schoolmates. When she agree to go, we’ll be shopping for what she’s wearing that’s going to be super fun for us girls in the family.