Top 5 Sprouting Food Parks in the Philippines

Sausage Platter @ German Oktoberfest – Php 350.00

Scrumptious foodstuff, these are the favorites of Filipinos. Finding them is now made easier because they mushroomed all over the Philippines. Here are some of the must-visited food parks in the country!

Top 5: Muceno Food Park— Angeles, Pampanga

With more than twenty (20) operating stalls and others that are still under construction, the Muceno Food Park will surely stuff your fill with delight. Enjoy a wide range of choices from marinated and grilled meats, seafoods, lechon kawali, California Maki, pizza, and many more. The place is situated at Richthofen St., Angeles City. read more

An Acoustic Night to Remember

My girl friends and I had an enjoyable and relaxing time two nights ago at a well-known acoustic bar near the office. It was our first time there and was really surprised by the good time we had. The ambiance of the place is really very relaxing, imbibing hushed conversation and quiet laughter from each corner. What really impressed us is the high quality sounds coming from the acoustic band. It must be the ampeg that goes with the acoustic guitar that carried great music all around. Not the mention having a singer that had a voice of an angel. It was really an unforgettable night for us, and we might just visit this little acoustic bar next payday! read more

Big Screen at the Oktoberfest

Still on the Oktoberfest we attended, I still cant forget how we enjoyed the event. I have been to many Oktoberfest organized by the German Club and that of San Miguel, but last Friday was the most unforgettable one! I was really dancing on top of our bench. Not that I was drunk, no – I was tipsy but not drunk yet. Oh well lets say not quite drunk!

When you want to go out and want to enjoy – bring along your party attitude and surely you will enjoy the night! Beers and beers with good Bavarian music, what else do you want in the party? Even if we were not that close in the stage and the dance floor, but benches and tables still a good place to dance. lol. Honestly, there were big lcd tvs online that we can see what was going on in the dance floor. read more

Oktoberfest 2011 at the Sofitel in cooperation with German Club

The origin of Oktoberfest started when the Bavarian King Max Joseph who later became King Ludwig I married Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen on 12 October 1810. Five days after, October 17 (happens to be my birthday), a big fest was celebrated in front of one of the gates leading to Munich, the Sendlinger Tor.

Good things happen to those who are early! Why? Because we had the chance to have a photo opps with The Bavarian Sound Express Band.


The band in action:

But every event for Filipinos, it aint complete with lechon! This was the beef lechon served during the event. We arrived there at around 6:30 PM, but this was not served until the official start of the party. read more

Two E-Coupon for Royal K Restaurant Wasted

In February 2011, I bought two coupons for Order All U Can, Japanese/Korean/Chinese food for P214 at eBay Kuponan.  I have been planning to make use of these coupons with hubby but work piled up and was not able to visit near that area. If I did, but for sure I was in a hurry or perhaps still full. I really didn’t realized that these coupons have an expiry date.

Last week, after sending my friends Madonna and Ferdie at Mall of Asia, we decided to make use of these coupons only to find out that the restaurant is already closed. Hubby was laughing and instead,  just ate our take out McDonald’s Bigmac Burger in the car, on the way home to Bacoor. read more

Saturday Bar Hopping

For some time now, I was not able to really go out with friends until the wee hours. For one, I am already a mother for 7 years now so I guess, my last gig (crazy gig) was way back then although there were instances that I hanged out with hubby and friends.

We initially went to Pink Mango Canteen for a get together. We were invited by a neighboring warehouse to have some drinks and food. It was their Labor Day celebration so instead of a swimming party, they just cooked and served food in the warehouse. As usual, there were unusual fights. But our party didnt end there. We went to a karaoke bar opposite Seaside Restaurants. It was my first time there and I cant believe how I managed to sing at least 20 songs. Then, after our booked time, we headed to Miss Universal as some of the girls weren’t able to see such places yet. But we were not able to stay longer as we were already drunk so we chose to go home instead of puking in these places.. lol.. kidding aside, yes, the drinks that we had were up to the throat already that anytime will convert happiness into disgust, so before that happens, we were already on the way home. read more