Attitude of Gratitude

Most of us can think of loads of different ways that our lives could be better. In fact, it’s often a conversation we are willing to have with as many people as we can, as long as they will listen. Although there’s nothing wrong with wanting more and striving to get more, there’s a lot to be said about what we already have. Learning to practice an attitude of gratitude seems to amplify what we have and make it enough, as we strive for more. However, there’s something to be said about appreciating what we already have. The benefits abound.
The Hope, Happiness, and Health Factor read more

Single Parent? How To Meet Someone New

As a single parent looking for love, finding the time to meet potential dates can be tough. What’s more, it’s not only yourself you need to take into account. If a relationship begins to develop, your children will always be the priority, so taking a sensitive approach to bringing someone new into their lives is important.
If you are looking for love, how can you go about it and what should you expect if romance blossoms?

Confidence in yourself

To begin with, ask yourself why you are looking for someone new. If you are feeling happy and confident, then you are in the best position to start looking. If you feel you are not taking enough time for yourself, why not make an effort to spend time with close friends or family members who always make you feel good? read more

A Short Prayer

Dear God,

The woman reading this is kind and I am proud of her. Please help her to live life to the fullest and bless her to excel in her chosen field. Help her shine in the darkest places and let love flow in her path. Please protect her at all times, lift her up when she needs you most.

A Story: Breakfast At McDonald’s

I received this from an email. I prefer to blog this instead of sending by email:

This is a good story and is true, please read it all the way through until the end! (After the story, there are some very interesting facts!):

I am a mother of three (ages 14, 12, 3) and have recently completed my college degree. The last class I had to take was Sociology.

The teacher was absolutely inspiring with the qualities that I wish every human being had been graced with.

Her last project of the term was called, ‘Smile.’ read more