4 Tips to Making Time to Travel and Experience New Things

The number one excuse for people that never travel is, “I don’t have time.” But there is always an underlying reason, since there are so many ways you can make time to travel to where you want to go. Read below for tips on how to make time to travel and experience new things.

Be Bold and Spontaneous

Get up and go. If you want to be a true traveler, you should have a stash of a few bucks to get you where you want to go for starters. So, whenever the feeling strikes you, be bold and spontaneous enough to hit the road. You can go anywhere, like the Jupiter Beach resort, even if it’s a state over—just take the step to being a traveler on your own terms.

Or Plan It Out and Customize Your Luxuries

If spontaneous leaves your mind a little shaken, go with careful planning instead. This allows you to plot your course, choose an amazing destination, and customize the luxuries for when you get there. Do you want to visit a beautiful paradise island? Book a luxury suite with all of the amenities. The same applies to anywhere you go, as there are indulgences everywhere.

Clear Your Life’s Clutter Before You Leave

There is nothing better than coming home to a clean house after a weeklong adventure somewhere else. Before you leave for your travels, declutter and organize your home. Clean surfaces, throw stuff away, and just make sure your whole house is in tiptop shape for your return. That way you can continue your relaxation without the stress of chores around the house for a while.

Bring Your Loved Ones with You

Travel is made all the better if you have the ones you love to share it with you. Sure, traveling alone can be great for relaxation. But traveling with loved ones gives you an extra chance to bond and make lifelong memories. You can experience something new and fun, every single day of your vacation, with the ones you care about the most.

Are you afraid of flying on a plane? Traveling by car or bus? Or, sailing on a ship? Meditate on your fears and seek therapy to put those phobias aside. You’ll never get anywhere if you allow your fears to dictate your life. When you finally feel safe in your ambitious travel plans, start small and work your way up to bigger, better destinations.

Ways To Save Money On Your Next Vacation

If it has been too long since your last vacation, then it is time that you treated yourself to a little time off. Whether you go by yourself or take the family with you, everyone benefits from some time away from stress and responsibility. One of the road blocks to taking a vacation for many people is the costs that are involved. But there are ways that you can take a great vacation and keep everything within your budget.

Check Out Those Online Offers

How many times have you been tempted to click on a vacation offer you see online? The next time you see the chance to “click here for a great vacation promotion,” you should take the website up on its offer. The key to finding a great discount vacation is to do plenty of research on the company offering the vacation, and also do your due diligence on the vacation offer itself.

Call A Travel Agent

The Internet is trying to make travel agents obsolete, but it is not succeeding. One reason travel agents are still a viable option for vacation travel is because they can put together vacation bundles that save travelers a lot of money. The next time you are thinking about going on vacation, you should give a travel agent a call and see what kind of great deals they have to offer.

Use The Airline Bundle

Many travelers do not realize how much money they can save when they buy their entire vacation through an airline website. Airlines can get great deals with hotels and rental car companies, and that allows the airlines to put together some very low-priced but high quality vacation offers.

Travel With Friends

If you feel like you need a vacation, then there is a good chance that you have friends who feel the same way. The more people you travel with, the lower your costs are because of how many people are paying. Talk to your friends and see if you can put together a vacation group that will get you to where you want to go at a price you can easily afford.

Going on vacation is not as difficult as you may think. There are plenty of great ways to get the vacation that you want, but at a price that you can easily afford.

Top Five Tourist Destinations in Taiwan You Won’t Regret to Visit

Just 180 kilometers east of China, you will find the island of Taiwan. The islet is packed with splendid mountains, modern-day cities, tranquil lakes, relaxing hot springs, and epic seas and beaches. If you are wondering on where to go in Taiwan, then here is a guideline set just for a pleasure travel-seeker like you.

Top 5: Shilin Night Market

Shilin Night Market fosters a different aura of vibrancy and excitement. It is like a paradise to shopaholics and to anyone who wants to escape from stress for just a few hours of their life. The place offers the people a variety of things to do— food trip, massage, shopping, and even drinking a relaxing tea.

Top 4: Penghu Islands

Also known as Pescadores, the place will not let you feel dull and bored. Instead, you will be thrilled with its sceneries itself as the island features fantastic beaches and other picturesque settings. On top of this, you will surely have fun in watching the firework festivals that happen every spring and summer.

Top 3: Jiufen

If you are feeling melancholy, then get a ride to Jiufen. The place is considered to be as a crafts mountain retreat that renders a feeling of being home and being one with the environment. You will also enjoy the view of the blue sea from afar and buy souvenirs for your loved ones. In fact, pottery is one good idea to hand as a gift and you can buy it here.

Top 2: Beitou Hot Springs

Here is one spot that you should not miss, the Beitou Hot Springs. Although you can find a lot of hot springs around Taiwan, this one is spectacular. Enjoying a relaxing bath is not the only thing that you can get from visiting Beitou, but you will also be able to witness the place’s beautiful gardens which are good for the soul.


Top 1: Kenting National Park

This park is quite famous among locals and foreign travellers. Thanks to its scenic beaches, pristine mountains, and other scenic geographic. The sight of the place can soothe a weary mind and burdened heart.

Taiwan’s scenic spots pays off no regrets, but mere satisfaction and enjoyment. With this, get the most as you visit the place and make grand memories.

Hello from Cold Taipei

Hello friends, just saying hello from  cold Taipei. Its now my third day here and so far – happy and contented with the results of our visit here. But – also very tired from a lot of walking. I need to lose weight! I know – and yes, I will try really hard now! Please remind me if I forget. I’ve been bad for years – I tend to forget when I am infront of delicious food. I guess that’s evident in my body! ha ha ha


Anyway, its time for me to say Good Night! I will blog about places to go, restaurants to eat and things to do in Taiwan soon. Watch out for that!

See you tomorrow Philippines.. missing my kids already!

Staycation at Hotel H20 For My Daughter’s 7th Birthday

One unique resort hotel that you can find in the Philippines is the Hotel H2O. It is imbued with relaxing and luxurious indulgence that every businessman or traveller will surely love. With the marine-theme which is first in the Philippines, one can feel a different and euphoric experience.

Staying at Hotel H20 to celebrate my daughter’s 7th birthday was an awesome idea! Credit to me of course! We were contemplating of going to HK Disneyland or Boracay but because of some unavoidable circumstances, we ended up looking for a place near Manila. And for kids and the kids-at-heart mommy, after votation, we finally booked at Hotel H20. Yipee! And we didnt just stay in the hotel, we also bought tickets for the Manila Ocean Park! Awesome! (I will post another for Manila Ocean Park)

The Good Points

  • Excellent service. Nothing beats a superb service with a friendly and accommodating staff. No matter what time you arrived at the place, the staff of Hotel H2O are always ready to serve. From the Concierge down to the Housekeeping, they were courteous.
  • Unique. Its authenticity is pretty obvious. There is nothing like Hotel H2O in the Philippines. Its mere marine-theme foster a relaxing yet romantic ambiance. Nonetheless, it will blow your mind in astonishment.
  • Worth the price. At Hotel H2O, you will experience ecstatic perks for less. Name whatever feature you are looking for a hotel, this marine resort hotel got it for you. Whether it is perfect functionality, cleanliness, service, facilities and amenities, or top-notch security the Hotel H20 offers more than what you pay.
  • All-in-one facilities and amenities. Aside from the unobstructed view of the bay, the place also offers superb facilities such as meeting room, front desk, fitness center, amusement park, and club lounge. In addition to this, the standard-size room is just adequate for every occupant. Also, it comes with a free toothbrush, soap, and a whole lot more. But I don’t normally use these free stuff (took them home :)) as I always carry with me my family travel essentials.
  • Location. The geographical setting of the hotel feels just right. In fact, it will only take you minutes to the Mall of Asia or U.S. embassy.

The Downsides

The Hotel H2O is not at all a five-star hotel to everybody. It has its flaws, but it only accounts to a minor percentage and is of course acceptable.

  • Buffet Breakfast. Our booking comes with 2 free buffet breakfast. I had to pay for 2 more persons (kids rate), Alexa was free of charge luckily! As she only ate cereals and milk. Would have been pricey to pay for that amount of food only. The food was delectable, quite a number of variants actually but only took some as I was full with 2 cups of brewed coffee. And with 3 kids in tow, its quite exhausting to watch them.
  • Some rooms have no windows.  But no worries, instead of windows, you will see a blue aquarium filled with fishes. If you sometimes want to take a glimpse of the outside world, there are some times that you cannot do so. It is because some rooms have no windows.
  • Swimming pool is small. Yes, since this hotel is constructed inside Manila Ocean Park, so they didn’t give much importance for the swimming pool. Of course, you will visit Hotel H20 simply because its in Manila Ocean Park. But anyhow, though small but it serves its purpose! The kids still enjoyed their short stay there! They wanted to come back the next day but ended up staying in the room watching the fishes.

With all that are said, the Hotel H2O is still a nice place to spend a vacation or leisurely travel. It provides a whole new experience making life exciting.

Overall, we enjoyed our staycation! It was indeed a nice place to celebrate the 7th birthday of my daughter Alexa. Don’t grow up so fast little darling!

Here are some of my staycation photos:

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Get to Your Flight in Comfort and Style

The traffic around any of the airports in the city can be nightmarish on the best of days. When you have a flight to catch and want to make sure you get to your gate on time, you may decide against taking a taxi or even having a friend or family member drive you. Instead, you can get there in comfort and style by using services like an NYC shuttle Newark airport and other professional ride services. The driver will worry about traffic, and you can relax before your flight.

Style and Elegance

Even the cleanest of taxis cannot compare to the style and comfort found in any of the vehicles utilized by a professional transportation company. The vehicles are spacious, clean, new, and fresh-smelling. These details are important when you want to make sure you get to your flight without debris, dirt, and foul odors clinging to you. The above-par conditions of the vehicle will not in any way compromise your own hygiene or appearance.

Further, the vehicles are spacious and comfortable, allowing you to relax and unwind before your flight. You can enjoy leg room to stretch and plenty of space overhead so you do not have to hunch down and feel cramped. If you want take a short nap or get caught up on emails while you are driven to the airport, you will have plenty of room to do either.

You can also use these services to pick people up at the airport if you wish. Picking up a client in a limo or other world-class vehicle shows your client that you care about his or her comfort. It also makes an impression saying that you are a classy individual and go above and beyond anyone’s expectations.

Traffic and Detours

The Newark metro area is well-known for its congested traffic and frequent detours. If you are unfamiliar with the road layout or want to avoid getting caught in a backlog of traffic, you can get to the airport on time by trusting these services to pick you up and take you to your gate.

The drivers of the service know the roads and know what routes to take to avoid construction and congestion. They are trained to make your ride as worry-free and prompt as possible.

Getting to the airport on time is simpler when you choose professional transportation services. You avoid worry, getting caught in traffic, and showing up to the gate in a messy taxi.

My Family Travel Essentials

Having kids and  tagging them along on our travel requires a lot of planning and making reservations ahead of time. Nowadays, instead of celebrating  our birthdays with parties which requires a lot of preparations and enormous efforts, we have decided to travel instead. Be it locally or abroad, hotels  with pools and playgrounds are our ideal choices for a short family vacation.

What do I bring for this short stay? Of course, even if its a short staycation- I still bring all my travel essentials whether I travel abroad alone or with the kids locally.

 photo 39faac5b-6418-4f8d-b605-1cd1c2c3d00d.jpg

Medicines and Vitamins

Biogesic  for me and Biogesic Syrup  for my kids. Ideal partner to treat headache, backache, toothache and even arrthritis pain.  Diatabs  is also important to bring to treat diarrhea and upset stomach.  When travelling abroad, we don’t know some of the ingredients especially for a foodie like me, I like to eat in the street food. I take Myra E everyday and Ceelin Chewables for my kiddos! Its a must to bring these too, even in our busy schedules, we shouldn’t neglect our body.

Beauty Essentials

As I said earlier, aside from taking vitamins regularly,  I also use products manufactured by well known companies like Unilab. These are some of my faves : Celeteque Dermoscience Advanced Anti-Aging Cleansing Oil, Myra Vitasmooth Facial Wash, Myra Vitawhite Whitening Hand and Body Lotion and Myra Daily Sun Protect Facial Moisturizer.

Planner and Pens

Whether its a business related travel or family, I always bring my planner. Whenever know when ideas struck my mind, I need to write them right away before I forget. And of course, to check the daily schedule in and out of the office.

Cellphone, Camera, Powerbank, Macbook Air

Yes you read it right! I am a Mommy Techie wannabe too! I like to play with gadgets. I like to document all my kids milestones, our travels and just about everything under the sun!

Cardigan and Scarf

I always bring a cardigan with me and a scarf. I cant sleep without aircon but I cant take it if its too cold also. Just a normal temp is just nice! For example, I feel always cold when I am inside the plane. I don’t know why! I love travelling but staying long in the airplane is not my cup of tea! Simply irritating and frustrating!

Clothing : Packing for clothes? One must consider the weather where you’re going to! Imagine going to a country in fall?!. We attended an exhibition in Shanghai before, weather was too cold and one of our colleagues forgot to bring close shoes! Oh my goodness!

How about you? What are your travel essentials?

Choosing an Affordable Hotel in Washington DC

Sorting through affordable hotels in Washington DC can be a nightmare if you’re not familiar with the area. There are tourist attractions and places to see throughout the nation’s capitol, so how do you know which part of the city to choose when it comes to booking a hotel? This guide will give you an overview of the most popular neighborhoods in Washington DC in order to provide you with some information to guide your decision.


In the center of Washington DC’s Downtown is the National Mall, along with Capitol Hill and Chinatown. Choosing a hotel in the Downtown area is the a good idea if you want to visit these places, as well as the monuments and museums, not to mention the White House. The convenience of Union Station in Downtown allows you to hop the Metro to any other part of the city.

Dupont Circle

Dupont Circle is an area north of the White House that is known for its brasseries, trendy boutiques and hip bars. You’ll find Embassy Row in Dupont Circle, where the international embassies are clustered. It’s no surprise that cuisine from all over the world is available in this cosmopolitan neighborhood.


Though technically located outside of Washington DC in Virginia, Arlington is convenient enough to the city that many travelers elect to stay here when visiting. Situated on the western shore of the Potomac, Arlington National Cemetery and the Pentagon are two of the most famous historical sites here. Travelers also like it because of the reasonably priced lodging and dining available.

Georgetown and Foggy Bottom

West of the National Mall and nestled along the Potomac River you’ll find the Georgetown and Foggy Bottom neighborhoods. Sure, you’ll find quaint bistros, bars, boutiques and antique stores. However, Georgetown is most known for lovely and historic red brick colonial architecture. Foggy Bottom is the home of George Washington University, as well as the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts The closest metro is a bit of a walk, but the cultural and historic ambience of these neighborhoods are well worth it.

These are some of the most popular neighborhoods in the DC area for tourist attractions and lodging. Now that you know a little about each, you’re well on your way to deciding which is best for your hotel stay when visiting our nation’s capitol.

5 Tips to Help You Plan for Your Vacation

Sometimes in our lives, an opportunity to take a vacation comes along. However, this opportunity may also pose a challenge. Since the world is a big place, you may then wonder where to go, who to travel with, how to get there and how much to spend. If you don’t have all the time in the world to plan for your vacation, the following checklist will give you some ideas on how to make the best choices.

1. Consider your budget

What is your budget for the vacation? If you don’t have a limit on your spending, you can check out sites such as Bluegreen Resorts Getaways. These sites will give you ideas including tours and accommodations because they often have good deals. A good way to remain in the confines of your budget is to try all-inclusive packages. But if you want to make independent choices, calculate the transportation costs, meals, accommodation—all that are essential, and subtract from your budgeted figure. You may also probably need to consult a travel agent to maximize your choices.

2. Who are you traveling with?

Would you like to travel with a companion, or alone? If you don’t like the idea of going alone and no one is available to accompany you, you may need to try a guided tour. This way, you will be traveling with a group, yet by yourself.

3. Choosing the best place for that time of the year

Finally, you have the chance to go to the place of your dreams. But is this the right time to visit the destination? You need to consider the seasonality and weather conditions to help you choose the right place to visit. Another factor to include is the cost involved at the particular time of the year.

4. Prerequisites related to your destination

After selecting the perfect place, time and costs, you also have to think about other requirements such as visas, travel insurance, and immunizations. In addition, is your passport in order? Keeping these items in mind will help you plan efficiently. Depending on your destination, your visa may take some time to process and include in your budget. However, if you have it under control, you may as well go ahead to make yourself ready.

5. Are there friends and family abroad?

You may be having a closer-to-home hotel in mind, or may have decided to settle for a hostel-like accommodation, however, don’t forget the homes of your family, friends or acquaintances who live around the area. Having friends in many places is better than having a few in high places. Inquire if someone you know in a foreign land is available. They may open their doors for you and offer you free accommodation, or they may suggest a better alternative given they live in the area.

Once you have planned your trip by carefully considering these tips, you can find a travel agent that can now help you to plan a trip that is specially suitable for you.

Valentine Gift Ideas for The Travelers You Love

Valentine are not only for couples, it should be celebrated with the people you love – whether it’s your parents, siblings or your best friend. Shopping for gifts for different people during the impending Valentine celebration can be truly daunting. To help you out, here’s a few gift ideas for frequent travelers that you love. For your bff who’s bitten by the wanderlust but can’t seem to find her luggage most of the time, TrackDot is a helpful device that can help track luggage though a smartphone app. Travel wallet or cases are great for your sole sister who wants to have all her documents organized and intact. For friends who travel to destinations you haven’t even heard of, a life straw or a pocket water sterilizer will definitely come in handy!