How to Make Your Own Travel Itinerary to Anywhere in the World

Travel itineraries are often well-documented where-to guides that cover an entire exploration of a destination. For instance, if you were going to the beach, you would plot out times for gathering seashells along the seashore, or sun-bathing when the sunshine is the highest.

You can make a travel itinerary for anywhere in the world—and here’s how:

Collect Destination Info, i.e. Where You Want to Go, What You Want to Do, and How You Get There

Where are you going? How are you getting there? What do you want to do when you’ve arrived, and during your stay? How are you getting back? read more

Superior Quail Hunting

Enjoy the best quail and other hunting when you stay at an exceptional hunting lodge located south of Fairfax near the Savannah River in the Low Country, which is the ideal place for quail hunting South Carolina.

It is also the perfect location to prepare your dog in a winter training camp that lasts a month and is run by an experienced and recognized field trial handler/trainer or if you are a professional handler/trainer in need of a winter camp down South to get dogs trained for the coming Spring trial season. read more

Tips for Buying A New Car

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Buying a new car is a major decision to make. If you have the finances you can chose whatever car that suits your needs. But of course, you should choose your investments carefully especially when it comes to cars. Here are some effective tips for buying a new car for your needs.

So before anything else, it is very important that you really know what you want and for what purpose is the car that you will buy. If you are into SUVs and big cars, look at various brands that are offered. Do your research well and compare the specifications of those that got your attention. Know the best brands and get feedback from people you know. It is also worth it to read reviews online so that you learn more about the car quality and their limitations. read more

3 Underwater Adventures

Part of being alive is having adventures that you can remember in your later years and share with your grandchildren. Adventures can be had on land, by sea or in the air. For example, if you ever wondered where to swim with manatees, the answer is Citrus Country, Florida. In the 72 degree waters of Crystal River you have the opportunity to snorkel along these wondrous creatures. One of the only places where this is actually allowed, take a tour and be guided through an experience that will follow you in your memory for a long time. read more

Oktoberfest: A Traditional Way to Celebrate

When festivities cross your mind, definitely “fun” would be the first thing to sink in. How much more if it is the Oktoberfest in Germany? This 16 to 18-day long folk festival is jam packed with loads of entertainment and activities that would not leave room for boredom.

What is Oktoberfest?

In the Bavarian culture, Oktoberfest is considered as one of the most important events. As a matter of fact, the first Oktoberfest was celebrated in honor of Prince Ludwig’s marriage to Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen. Since people find it exciting, it was repeated and held every year at Munich, Bavaria, Germany where millions of people gather. On this year, Oktoberfest will be on September 16 to October 3. read more

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Taipei


Are you planning to embark on an adventure? Well then, Taiwan should be included in your bucket list. This delightful island surely has lots of surprises in store for tourists like you. Read on to find out these 10 reasons to visit Taipei!

#1: The People

The friendly attitude of the people, it is definitely one of the inviting traits of the place. Enjoy your stay as you interact with them!

#2: Night Market

Of course, Taiwan is well-known for its colorful and dynamic night displays and busy streets. See how these people get their shopping bags full of fancy things, souvenirs, and accessories. More so, you will get to enjoy these random food choices that come at an affordable price. read more