Top 10 Reasons to Visit Taipei


Are you planning to embark on an adventure? Well then, Taiwan should be included in your bucket list. This delightful island surely has lots of surprises in store for tourists like you. Read on to find out these 10 reasons to visit Taipei!

#1: The People

The friendly attitude of the people, it is definitely one of the inviting traits of the place. Enjoy your stay as you interact with them!

#2: Night Market

Of course, Taiwan is well-known for its colorful and dynamic night displays and busy streets. See how these people get their shopping bags full of fancy things, souvenirs, and accessories. More so, you will get to enjoy these random food choices that come at an affordable price. read more

Help In Ridding A Timeshare Dream That Became A Nightmare

The advertisements generally used for promoting timeshares are the stuff of which Hollywood studios are made. Bordering on elegant and full of panache, at other times fitting the bill as ideal casual vacation hideaways, investors by the tens of thousands dip hard-earned money to secure their proverbial place in the sun.

However, should their plans change and a different course of action be needed, many people are suddenly hit by the reality that their investment is not that easy to drop from their perceived financial portfolio. In short, they’re snared by a timeshare nightmare. read more

4 Tips to Making Time to Travel and Experience New Things

The number one excuse for people that never travel is, “I don’t have time.” But there is always an underlying reason, since there are so many ways you can make time to travel to where you want to go. Read below for tips on how to make time to travel and experience new things.

Be Bold and Spontaneous

Get up and go. If you want to be a true traveler, you should have a stash of a few bucks to get you where you want to go for starters. So, whenever the feeling strikes you, be bold and spontaneous enough to hit the road. You can go anywhere, like the Jupiter Beach resort, even if it’s a state over—just take the step to being a traveler on your own terms. read more

Ways To Save Money On Your Next Vacation

If it has been too long since your last vacation, then it is time that you treated yourself to a little time off. Whether you go by yourself or take the family with you, everyone benefits from some time away from stress and responsibility. One of the road blocks to taking a vacation for many people is the costs that are involved. But there are ways that you can take a great vacation and keep everything within your budget.

Check Out Those Online Offers

How many times have you been tempted to click on a vacation offer you see online? The next time you see the chance to “click here for a great vacation promotion,” you should take the website up on its offer. The key to finding a great discount vacation is to do plenty of research on the company offering the vacation, and also do your due diligence on the vacation offer itself. read more

Top Five Tourist Destinations in Taiwan You Won’t Regret to Visit

Just 180 kilometers east of China, you will find the island of Taiwan. The islet is packed with splendid mountains, modern-day cities, tranquil lakes, relaxing hot springs, and epic seas and beaches. If you are wondering on where to go in Taiwan, then here is a guideline set just for a pleasure travel-seeker like you.

Top 5: Shilin Night Market

Shilin Night Market fosters a different aura of vibrancy and excitement. It is like a paradise to shopaholics and to anyone who wants to escape from stress for just a few hours of their life. The place offers the people a variety of things to do— food trip, massage, shopping, and even drinking a relaxing tea. read more

Hello from Cold Taipei

Hello friends, just saying hello from  cold Taipei. Its now my third day here and so far – happy and contented with the results of our visit here. But – also very tired from a lot of walking. I need to lose weight! I know – and yes, I will try really hard now! Please remind me if I forget. I’ve been bad for years – I tend to forget when I am infront of delicious food. I guess that’s evident in my body! ha ha ha


Anyway, its time for me to say Good Night! I will blog about places to go, restaurants to eat and things to do in Taiwan soon. Watch out for that! read more