Bali Travel Plans

I just arrived from a meeting in Mandaluyong. Not a good topic to talk to but I need to appear anyhow. Anyway, I heard the bad news but for sure, there is a way to solve the problem.

The good news – I received an offer from our travel agency for a chance-of-a-lifetime promo for Bali. Bali has been our ultimate travel getaway because aside from the beaches, the place is packed with culture, arts & crafts and antiques.

I just need to book for Bali car rental so we can freely travel around the area. read more

Stay at Ibis Hotel Semarang

While I was in Indonesia, we had a side trip to Semarang on the way to Jakarta. Our client booked us at the Ibis Semarang Hotel.

Room with wifi. King bed. Nice set up. Clean.

The hotel is relatively new, all are still fresh.. yes, fresh towels too! But don’t worry, I did not get anything from the hotel as what most of my friends are doing. I must admit in my early 20’s, I used to bring some new towels especially from 5 star hotels.. That’s my long time secret! Bad habits – goodbye forever! Ha ha.. read more

First Trip to Indonesia

Our company is engaged in paper, plastic and sticker trading and our main export customer is Indonesia. I am the main contact of these companies, considered not only as customer but also as friends. They have visited us in Manila several times but me never!

But its not too late! Because finally, I am here! Yes I am here in Indonesia. I am actually sitting in one of these companies. They have provided me a table of my own so I can work while I am away from our office. Isn’t it great?

As I just arrived and not visited any place yet, I would like to say I am impressed with their airports. I have been to Jakarta airport and Surabaya airport and both are admirable. Clean. Big. Great interior design. read more