Hassle-Free Travelling with Car for Hire in London

London is a vast city that has a lot of amazing and beautiful tourist attractions. With this, a lot of individuals plan to travel to London and enjoy its fantastic attractions, top museums, art galleries and historic monuments and buildings.

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Road Trips and Bike Outs

Summer always opens up opportunities for being more active and chances to spend time with families and friends. With the perfect weather condition, you can always head to the nearest beach camp or somewhere there’s a challenging bike trail. This can be easily achieved if you have yakima racks for your car. You can load your camp gears such as tents, cook set and then your bikes and you’d be all set and ready to go. Don’t let this chance for adventure with your family or friends pass you by, free up your schedule next weekend plan a road trip now!

Travelling Moms Raise Globally Conscious Kids

I have recently read an article about a mom who constantly travels for work. Though this set up is becoming commonplace, other more conservative nations and places still frown upon moms that leave their kids to travel. I also travel a lot and though I sometimes feel guilty about leaving my kids at home, I reassure myself that I am leaving them with people I can trust with their lives and that my travel stories will make them interested with other cultures and countries. They may soon open themselves to travel as well and positively have a wider perspective of the world.

Travelling for Business

Travelling backpacking style is definitely less scrupulous but if it’s going to be for a business purpose, you will need formal or corporate attire. Your trusty old back pack may not be that suitable and will only leave you with a lot of wrinkled clothes. You will need a suitcase or a luggage that you can pull and probably a  solo briefcase that will accommodate all business related documents and paperwork that you will need to bring. You may also opt for a small backpack for your laptop, some travelers even prefer using a daypack to accommodate more personal belongings in their hand carry.

Take Advantage of Last-Minute Airfare Deals

Have something spontaneous in mind? How about packing your bag now and booking for the cheapest airfare to that popular beach in Thailand? That sudden urge to jump on the next flight can be easily doused-off by unbelievably priced tickets that your favorite airline has during these last minute bookings. But don’t despair, there are many other airlines that you can check out for last minute deals and the cheapest tickets will be yours in just a few clicks. The magic of online ticket search websites makes it easy for you to find the cheapest options from a long list of airlines servicing your place to your desired destinations.

In case you’re new to this, they are actually travel websites that has partnered with other websites to find real time last-minute deals to any particular destination. Some websites are focused at giving hundreds of results in a matter of seconds. Some website can even suggest other exotic destinations for those who have an adventurous frame of mind! Utilizing these search websites will help you find the perfect last minute deals on airfares so you can enjoy a spontaneous trip without breaking the bank. So go on, pack a bag and get ready to take on another surprise destination!

What’s it like for a girl to visit Istanbul?

Istanbul is a huge city that’s well used to accommodating visitors of all shapes and sizes. But when I chose to stop over there on my way to Goa, I didn’t for one moment expect it to have such a lasting effect on me. I can’t wait to book another trip to Turkey this summer so I can go back to the places that I saw in a bit of a whirlwind the first time around!

Here are some of the things I noticed when I went to Turkey:

The locals in Istanbul are awesome: The people I met were incredibly welcoming – from the hostel owners to the market vendors (they’re a bit relentless too!) – everyone was used to greeting tourists in English and keen to help with directions or advice. Like I said, there are people of all races and shapes wearing anything from miniskirts to burkas, so I felt at ease when wondering around in public places like the Grand Bazaar, which is an enormous covered market.

There’s also plenty of respect for tradition: Even though parts of Istanbul are surprisingly fashionable and modern for such an historic city, I was eager to visit some of the mosques (the Yeni Cami or New Mosque is actually 400 years old and the well-known Blue Mosque/ Sultan Ahmet Mosque is opposite the Hagia Sophia). For this purpose I took along a headscarf and wore long sleeves and a long skirt. Some of the mosques provide robes at no additional charge and footwear isn’t important because you remove it before going in.

The shops are heavenly: If you’re like me, you don’t need much encouragement in this department! This city is a shopper’s Nirvana, whether you prefer the air-conditioned comfort of shopping malls or the smells and bustle of outdoor bazaars. Antiques, carpets, kilims, fabrics, art, ceramics, spices and designer clothes – there’s really an endless choice stuff to buy in Istanbul.

The Bosphorus is a big part of the city: This river that divides Asia and Europe and connects the Sea of Marmara to the Black Sea. Continually busy with ferries, ships and fishing boats, the river is a hub of action, and it’s possible to take a ferry from either shore (I chose to go at sunset so I could take pictures of the famous minarets of Istanbul).

Ottoman-era architecture is very romantic: I booked a hotel south of the Golden Horn (tourists tend to stay either south or north of this estuary), where historically the budget and midrange B&Bs tend to be. Prepare for rooftop terraces and the smell of rich morning coffee under the presiding dome of the Hagia Sophia –magic!

Vegas, Baby! The Best Shopping in Sin City

Millions of pilgrims trek through an unforgiving desert to this neon oasis every year, in hope of getting lucky. If you’ve booked a cheap holiday to Las Vegas, however, you have already hit the jackpot – it is one of the most exciting destination spots in the world, and offers some of America’s best shopping.

This unforgettable city has more shops than you could visit in a single trip, offering high fashion, stylish staples, bargain designer outlets and unusual boutiques, as well as tourist destination shops, with celeb-spotting and a cocktail on the side. Make sure to pack comfortable shoes, prepare for the weather (not all shopping is indoors here), and go get ‘em – these are the best three spots to start.

Forum shops at Caesar’s Palace

The Forum is as much a tourist destination as a shopping mall, what with the aquarium, spiral elevator and the Fall of Atlantis fountain show (featuring talking statues!). However, the mall’s wide range of designer and affordable shops, from Dolce and Gabanna to Gap to a three-story H&M, makes it the perfect start for Vegas shopaholics. If one of the designer shops closes in the middle of the day, chances are there’s a celeb inside, so make sure to take a peek! Celebrities may head to one of the fine restaurants afterwards; there are all sorts of eating options here, so you can refuel with chic seafood or a hot dog on a stick. Ladies from outside the US should make a beeline for Sephora, the makeup and beauty superstore.

Fashion Show Las Vegas

This enormous shopping centre does what it says on the tin: models strut their stuff down a central catwalk in the Great Hall every weekend, featuring outfits for sale in the shops around you. Take your pick from home wares, designer shops, a giant Forever 21, and cafes and restaurants that offer views over the Strip. If you’re staying at the Venetian or Treasure Island, skyways will take you straight to the mall without ever having to set foot on the ground, and the shimmering aluminium Cloud shades the mall from the intense desert sun.

Las Vegas Premium Outlets

Get more bang for your buck at these two world class outlet malls – one in downtown Vegas with over 150 shops, and the other just a shuttle ride away in the south of the city. These outlets are for shoppers who mean serious business, so allow plenty of time to hunt for bargains at designer outlets including Burberry, Coach, Swarovski, Nike and Michelle Obama’s favourite J. Crew.  You might want to check your luggage allowance before you go, however!