The Right Jewellery To Wear on your Wedding Day

The decision to marry is an important personal event. In India’s culture, the bride and wedding party make adornments an essential component of the wedding festivities. Traditional Indian brides wear jewels to beautify every part of the body. Mothers and grandmothers of the bride and groom also wear their finest jewels to celebrate the event.

Indian brides wear their finest jewellery on the wedding day. They select precious gems like diamonds, emeralds, pearls, rubies, sapphires, and jade to express the joy of love and family. Indian brides frequently choose jewels to wear from heads to toe. A sparkling tiara in the hair, golden pendants or hair clips give the bride a regal appearance. read more

5 Basic Shoes Every Woman Must Have

Women can’t get enough of shoes. Many women think that they must have every shoes or sandals that go on trend. This is not only wasteful but it may also pile up on your rack without you even remembering to use them again. The key here is to know which types of shoes will go well with your wardrobe. Having a pair of black pumps solves your issue of not having anything to go with your LBS’s and power suits. On the other hand a heeled sandal in a natural hue will be great for fancy events such as weddings and parties. You should also invest in a flat pair of sandals that will let your feet breathe and enjoy walking with. White sneakers and ballet flats are the other two basic pair that every woman should have and it needs no explanation for that! read more

Uniquely Different Wedding Bands

Some quirky and uniquely different couples want to have a different but equally memorable wedding celebration than those who prefer the classic and the traditional. They put extra care in coming up with the entourage and the venue dress up. Some of couples put time and effort in ensuring that what they have in mind will be realized on their big day. Of course, they also want to have uniquely different rings like the ones you find on Scott Kay wedding bands. Some even go for personalized wedding bands, but those who are pressed for time settle for the most unique ones they can find. read more

Classic Bouquet of Wedding Roses

Weddings are memorable events and the bride’s bouquet of flowers usually leaves a wonderful impression on the guests. Even if the wedding happens on the steps of a registry office or at the magistrate’s, a single long-stemmed red rose held by the bride adds elegance; class and tradition to what could be a plain, stark setting. Of course, a grand bouquet of wedding roses carried into an opulent church says it all.

A woman’s big day deserves only the best of everything. She will be the most beautiful woman on that day and it is very important to get the right bouquet in her hands. While many rely on their florist to create a ball of flowers of them, you can save a considerable amount of money and put in your personal touch by creating your very own wedding roses bouquet. You can check it out online and read out tips on creating a lovely bouquet that you’ll hold on your wedding day. read more

Stunning Prom and Wedding Dresses

Prom date and weddings are just a few of women’s most highlighted events. These are some occasions where they have to exert an effort to standout just like what anybody else does. Aside from make-up, dresses also has its share of magic in transforming an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan princess.

The prom dress

Fashion and style for prom dresses seems to know no bounds. Every year, there is a trend that make the ladies in town craze for new release of designs. As for 2013, one shoulder strap dress open back prom dress or short dress are a hit. read more

Cute and Quirky Wedding Ring Pillow Ideas

How do you picture your wedding day? Many girls would think about having a unique but cute wedding theme. If you want have a personal and hands-on wedding note and you want to be part of the preparations, you might need to take inspirations from those who have gone through the same ordeal.

It’s not really easy to create unique wedding accessories on your own, good thing there’s Bride & Groom website where you can look into cute and quirky wedding accessories such as the picture printed wedding ring pillow. Wedding ring pillows is an important wedding accessory that should not be overlooked. Though some opt for the standard and boring white satin pillow, you can easily change this with simple decorations or embellishments. You may have a customized ring pillow with your photo or simply a romantic young love photo printed on it. Heart embellishments made from faux diamonds or crystals will also bring on some sparkle with your ring pillow. Depending on the extent of your imagination and creativity, there are so many ways to recreate your wedding ring pillow according to your theme and motif. read more