My Template is Boring

As I wanted to drive more traffic in my blog, I joined Link Referral a few days ago. To my surprise, it really worked. People started reviewing my site which encourages me to write and improve my blog.

Some of the reviews I received:

Another pinay blog that i have reviewed for this year. honestly speaking, i like the site or should i day the blog… just quite bored with the theme, but don`t get me wrong, maybe i`m just not used to simple theme. but yes, overall its a great site. keep it up!.

Your site is beautiful. Very nice posts, all your pictures are fantastic. Easy to follow. I like your cindarella shoe dilemma..
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The Travel Cafe Philippines

We had a lunch meeting at Italiannis, Greenbelt yesterday. While waiting for the 2nd meeting, we were strolling along Greenbelt and we came across Trave Cafe Philippines. Is this a Cafe? A bookstore? Or a Travel Agency? But wheww.. All in ONE! Great!

The Travel Cafe Philippines is a pioneering branding initiative of the Philippine Department of Tourism that presents a unique and creative alternative in marketing the Philippines abroad and establishing a strong global “brand” for Philippine tourism. read more

Retire in the Philippines

Morning coffee is always refreshing and times, fresh ideas start to pour in. One of the idea I talked with hubby today is about a retirement homes for foreigners.

I think this is a business which has not mature yet, still blossoming specially in provinces.

Philippines is probably the best place to retire. A lot of nurses and caregivers are going abroad to take care of the sick and the retirees when they can just work here for good. Salary is not that big compared to other nation, but at least you are close to your family and your roots. read more

Mommy Academy Looking for Dad & Kids

Just got a forwarded email from Multiply:

Im looking for Dad and son and/or dad and daughter case study for fatherhood 24/7 episode to shoot asap. If possible first week of july.

* a hands – on dad who loves helping mom in raising kids (not only financially) is all i need for the episode.

* a dad who loves playing with kids, hatid sundo sa wife/kids, at least loves to help mom with household chores – in short a dad who believes in 50/50 responsibility in raising kids.

Share us your unique story and be part of our parenting advocacy. read more

My Cinderella Shoes

While in Surabaya, we went to a shopping center Atom. Its similar to our 168 here. I saw really kinky shoes and sandals from a certain shop. Bought 2 pairs at Rupiah 330,000 or in our currency Php 1,650 per pair. Wow. Great. Went home happy!

But when I arrived in Manila, opened my luggage, tried my cinderella shoes and guess what I found out. Check the pictures.

The sales girl gave me the pair in different colors and in different sizes. What can I do? I can only laugh.

I called up my friend in Surabaya to purchase the other half. I hope its still available. read more

12 Little Things Every Filipino Can Do To Help Our Country

While we were waiting for our flight to Jakarta, I came across a bookstore in the airport. Too many books to choose.. Twilight.. New Moon… I know a lot of us would want to know the next chapter of Twilight.. but no, I want to watch it so I will just patiently wait for the movie.

When I was about to leave the bookstore, I saw a tiny book entitled “12 Little Things Every Filipino Can Do To Help Our Country” by Alexander L. Lacson. As a Filipino citizen, I want to do little things, I want to help my country, my yutang natawhan! read more