Responsible Driving: Preventing Traffic Accidents and Violations Effectively

So you recently bought a car from Carmudi PH, are you fit enough to drive? When you drive, you are not only responsible for your own person. You also carry with you the burden of keeping your passengers, pedestrians and other drivers safe from accidents. This is why it is very important to become not only an educated driver but also a responsible one. Knowing the do’s and don’ts may not be enough – you should also keep them at heart and practice them whenever you are out on the road.

Before hitting the road, plan your trip ahead of time. This is especially true for those who will be travelling long distances. Decide on your time of departure and the routes you will take to avoid heavy traffic areas and get on the expressway. While driving, do wear your seatbelts correctly – that over your shoulder and across your lap. Do not over-speed to avoid serious accidents. If you are driving long hours, stay focused and alert. If you feel tired or weary, find a gasoline station where you can rest for a while.

As a responsible driver, never drink and drive. Alcohol impairs a person’s senses and slows down reaction time and with new drink driving laws being introduced into the Philippines it is even more important to avoid alcohol behind the wheel. Don’t force yourself to drive when you are angry or tired. Take short breaks when you become tired so that you will feel better and more alert. While driving, avoid using your mobile phone, eating or drinking. Doing these will only distract you and make you more prone to accidents.

Another crucial trip to avoid accidents and getting into violations is to perform regular car maintenance. Here are a few tips to make sure your car performs in every situation. You should check the condition of your car before getting into it and driving. This way, you can discover any issues before you hit the road and avoid any serious issues when you are driving. Check your gas and make sure you have enough for your every trip. And of course, keep your car clean. You don’t necessarily need to get car wash services all the time, but you can clean your windshields, mirrors and your car interiors to keep them sanitary and on their top shape.

Celeteque Advanced Anti-Aging Anti-Wrinkle Facial Moisturizer with SPF 15

Admit it. Your once youthful and supple skin has turned dull and has slowly lost its glow as you age. It’s not vanity that pushes you to look at different beauty care products to combat this inevitable ordeal, but of course, you want to slow it down as much as you can. There are not a lot of products in the market that can give you all the essential skin care needs like the way Celeteque DermoScience line.

 photo 20140430_202512.jpg

Skin aging may be due to a lot of things. Over exposure to the sun’s harmful rays, dryness, stress and others can easily dull and make your skill look old. Celeteque DermoScience technology provides us with derma-grade ingredients that helps promote a holistic skin health. You are assured of getting clinically tested and effective products for your skin. It can be quite tricky to get a moisturizer but I just fell in love with Celeteque Advance Anti Aging Anti-Wrinkle Facial Moisturizer with SPF 15. It is light on the face and I can wear it outdoors especially this summer when the weather can be unforgiving. It is not sticky and leaves a matte finish. I like the feeling of looking good and all the while knowing that my skin is well protected and nourished so I can fend off fine lines and wrinkles effectively!

Choosing Summer-Perfect Outfits

Summer vacation is most fun when spent discovering new places, new sights, sounds and tastes. The weather can range from mild to overpowering so you should always be mindful of the clothes that you need to pack for your road trips or vacation. Denim jeans are not a practical choice at this time, though denim cut-off shorts paired with fresh colored tees are lovely to look at. To really look good on those vacay pictures, you might want to check out the newest Sundresses from Zalora.

 photo zalora-sundresses.jpg

Dresses, light tees and shorts are lighter and easier to pack and they go well with any environment or situation this summer. Many sundresses are designed for comfort and mobility especially during those tough and super hot summer days. You won’t lose that femininity and poise wearing a lovely sundress even if you are melting inwardly from the intense heat of the sun! And while you are at it, you may also check out cute sunnies to protect your eyes while you enjoy the view. Flat sandals are also the better choice over flip flops especially if you are not really on the way to beach. An oversized straw bag and hat will complete your summer-perfect outfit effortlessly

Benefits of Hydroponic Gardening Method

Conventional farming methods has long provided for our needs especially when it comes to food produce. People have developed and enhanced farming techniques so that it can become easier, the yield and harvest better and less strain is made on the land. We all know that farming or even gardening involves planting and watering. Many also use fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides to enhance the growth of produce of the plant and protect it from insects and pest. But it also became a harmful practice as it contaminated sewage system and caused irradiation.

The green revolution prompted many scientists and researchers to develop a system of crop production without causing harm to the environment and the people. This is how hydroponics farming came about. It is a farming technique that can be applied in a controlled environment such as green houses where one can grow plants over water. Important nutrients which are absorbed by the roots of the plant from the soil can now be diffused with water and plants can grow healthy and productive through the hydroponics system. While it may sound like a complicated farming system, many farmers and gardeners have found different cultivation techniques for different plants. Any kind of crop grown through hydroponic system provided high yields but depending on the kind of technique used, some plants produce more than others and bore fruit faster than the traditional method of farming.

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Applying Life Changes to Yourself

We love to read about how it scary it is to take risk and take leaps of faith but we are truly happy about people who have succeeded when they did. Sometimes we also want to do the same, leave everything that we have been comfortable with, the things and people that are familiar to us and do something really different. But it does scare us even it think about it. So first, we really have to recognize whether it is fear or excitement that builds within. If we see everything that we did unknowingly in the past is actually small steps that lead us to this life change, and when we really see positive outcome from it, then it is the perfect time for us to embrace these changes.

International Women’s Day

Today we celebrate the International Women’s Day and in the Philippines, March is considered as the Women’s Month. There will be activities for the empowerment of women for this month. We can expect Fun Runs and Zumba dance exhibitions, road shows, concerts featuring cute tkl mandolin case at guitar center. During this month, many government agencies join in for women’s convergence and expo where businesses, products and services especially made for women are featured. The whole world really salutes women for their strength, power, wisdom and love and I am not surprised to see Google’s version for this magnanimous celebration.


What WA12 Features can do?

Most microphone preamplifier in the market focuses on raising the volume to give the sound a distinct character. However, this mechanism is totally futile because the sound still remains to be plain and lacking character. In this dilemma, a warm preamp like the WA12 packed with features enters the scene.

  • High-impedance (2MΩ) instrument
  • Polarity-invert button
  • 48V phantom power
  • Tone button
  • 71db of Gain
  • Clear sound
  • Cinemag input and output transformers

Overall, the features of the WA12 give difference to the sounds emitted from electric bass and guitars. Nevertheless, these sounds are rich and solid.