Benefits of Hydroponic Gardening Method

Conventional farming methods has long provided for our needs especially when it comes to food produce. People have developed and enhanced farming techniques so that it can become easier, the yield and harvest better and less strain is made on the land. We all know that farming or even gardening involves planting and watering. Many also use fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides to enhance the growth of produce of the plant and protect it from insects and pest. But it also became a harmful practice as it contaminated sewage system and caused irradiation.

The green revolution prompted many scientists and researchers to develop a system of crop production without causing harm to the environment and the people. This is how hydroponics farming came about. It is a farming technique that can be applied in a controlled environment such as green houses where one can grow plants over water. Important nutrients which are absorbed by the roots of the plant from the soil can now be diffused with water and plants can grow healthy and productive through the hydroponics system. While it may sound like a complicated farming system, many farmers and gardeners have found different cultivation techniques for different plants. Any kind of crop grown through hydroponic system provided high yields but depending on the kind of technique used, some plants produce more than others and bore fruit faster than the traditional method of farming.

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Applying Life Changes to Yourself

We love to read about how it scary it is to take risk and take leaps of faith but we are truly happy about people who have succeeded when they did. Sometimes we also want to do the same, leave everything that we have been comfortable with, the things and people that are familiar to us and do something really different. But it does scare us even it think about it. So first, we really have to recognize whether it is fear or excitement that builds within. If we see everything that we did unknowingly in the past is actually small steps that lead us to this life change, and when we really see positive outcome from it, then it is the perfect time for us to embrace these changes.

International Women’s Day

Today we celebrate the International Women’s Day and in the Philippines, March is considered as the Women’s Month. There will be activities for the empowerment of women for this month. We can expect Fun Runs and Zumba dance exhibitions, road shows, concerts featuring cute tkl mandolin case at guitar center. During this month, many government agencies join in for women’s convergence and expo where businesses, products and services especially made for women are featured. The whole world really salutes women for their strength, power, wisdom and love and I am not surprised to see Google’s version for this magnanimous celebration.


What WA12 Features can do?

Most microphone preamplifier in the market focuses on raising the volume to give the sound a distinct character. However, this mechanism is totally futile because the sound still remains to be plain and lacking character. In this dilemma, a warm preamp like the WA12 packed with features enters the scene.

  • High-impedance (2MΩ) instrument
  • Polarity-invert button
  • 48V phantom power
  • Tone button
  • 71db of Gain
  • Clear sound
  • Cinemag input and output transformers

Overall, the features of the WA12 give difference to the sounds emitted from electric bass and guitars. Nevertheless, these sounds are rich and solid.

Craze for Tablets and Smartphones

The craze for tablets and smartphones is spreading to even younger kids, that even toddlers under 2 have used these gadgets. The most common activities they do is playing games, 30% of kids used for reading/researching. My kids are not an exception. They do play a lot using our smartphones. I am a Samsung Mega 5.8 user while hubby is a Samsung Note 2.

Once we reached home, these 2 smartphones are oftentimes in the hands of the kids. Thus, I am thinking of buying a cheap tablet for their usage. Our Francis recently celebrated his 10th birthday and I haven’t given him any gift yet. I heard his dad plans to give him a  cool bach trumpet case. Giving him a tablet will surely makes him happy! I guess tablet is a YES for me. He can play in his spare time while do some research too.  My smartphone then is  solely for myself.  I wish!

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Book Review: I Wish They Taught Money in High School

For many years, Filipino families have been raising their children in the traditional way. Parents inculcate in their children’s mind the value of education and the importance of having a degree for the future. Our parents dreamed of us being professionals – doctors, engineers, teachers, accountants. But not many parents encourage their children to become entrepreneurs, investors and businessmen and make money on their own. Thus, many of us end up being overworked and living from paycheck to paycheck.

When I received a copy of the book, “I Wish They Taught Money in High School,” I was downright intrigued. Not many self-help finance books tackle the local Philippine setting. Most I’ve seen were about US finances, stock market, networking and others that soon douses off my interest. This book, or rather back-to-back books are entitled “I Wish They Taught Money in High School So I’m Not Dependent on My Paycheck” authored by Clarissa Seriña – de la Paz and “I Wish they Taught Money in High School So I Can Start My Own Business Right Away” written by Sharon W Que.

 photo iwishtheytaughtmoneyinschool.jpg

Both authors shared their experiences on how they have encountered financial issues, earned money and sustained it to live the life they want without slaving in their offices like the rest of us. Their honest insights and simple terms made it easy for me to understand and digest.

You will learn a lot from these books especially on how can save effectively and achieve your goals in life. It doesn’t matter if your wages are little, with the right planning and discipline with your finances, you can achieve financial freedom and success.

The book is like a treasure trove of knowledge and tidbits on personal finance and I thank the authors for sharing their experiences as well as their resources for their readers. It is also very interesting to read because there is comic-book like illustrations to get your imaginations running. You can get a copy of this amazing book at

You may also visit their fan page at to know more about the authors, their books, money management, investing and financial literary.

The Filipino Pride in Sochi Winter Olympics 2014

The Philippines being a tropical country only has wet and dry season to contend with. So when 17-year old Michael Christian Martinez, lone Filipino contingent competed for the Men’s Single in the Sochi, Russia Winter Olympics 2014, lots of speculation came up. With only two ice skating rink in the country, Filipino figure skater had to make all the effort to train, practice and make it to the Winter Olympics.


Michael Martinez’ flawless performances allowed him to move forward and landed third place in the preliminary event. The young athlete made his mark in the ice skating world with his amazing routines to Ernesto Lecuona’s Malaguena and was hailed by commentators for having such talent at a very young age.

His tropical background, youth and his impressive performances made young Michael an interesting subject for international media. And though he did not bag any of the coveted medals, he still made history as the very first figure skater from Southeast Asia who qualified for the Winter Olympics.

All throughout the competition, Michael has kept Filipino pride burning and served as an inspiration for many to pursue their dreams no matter how what happens. According to him, the attention and support he gets especially from his fellow Filipinos is very heart-warming. He’s set to train harder and qualify once again for the next Winter Olympics.