The Importance of Support after a Car Crash

It’s very important to have someone around to help and support you in the hours following a car crash. While you hope you’ll never be involved in a car crash, the reality is most drivers will be involved in one at some stage. Below are a few reasons explaining why support is so critical in those hours immediately following a car crash.

Going into shock

Most people who are involved in a car crash experience a period of shock. You may suddenly become very cold and begin to shiver or shake. It is not unusual to behave emotionally – even to cry quite a lot. Your hands may take quite some time to stop shaking and it is a good idea for someone to be with you while you go through this. They can help you stay warm. Hot, sweet drinks are a good idea as well.

Due process

Like everything else that involves legal procedures, car crashes have paperwork and various other practicalities with which you will have to deal. This is an area in which a friend or family member’s support may well be critical. Perhaps they can help you remember what happened, or assist with making phone calls to your insurance company or towing agencies. They may even be able to direct you to a legal firm that specialises in car crashes, like Motor Accident Legal Service . If you’re feeling the effects of shock, ask someone to help you with this. Paperwork needs to be accurate and you may not be in the best state to handle this yourself.

Old fashioned help

On top of dealing with shock and bureaucracy, you’re also going to need some plain old fashioned help. If your car has been totalled, it’s important to get some help to organise for any passengers (like children for example) to be taken home or wherever they need to go. You might also need to borrow a car for a while – this kind of support can be important in the days following a car crash.

Professional help

Depending on how scary and traumatic your car crash experience has been, you may want to consider professional help. If you find yourself unable to sleep properly in the days or weeks after the accident, pay attention to what your mind and body are telling you. Perhaps the crash has brought up other fears you thought were behind you – this is not uncommon. You’ve been through a confronting experience – perhaps you or someone you knew in the car was seriously injured or killed, or there was a very near miss in that direction for you. Any or all of these occurrences may trigger psychological reactions for you. If you find yourself experiencing flashbacks to the accident, nightmares, or just a higher than usual level of anxiety, don’t ignore it. Tell your doctor or counsellor, and take steps to follow any professional advice you receive.

Support in the hours following a car crash is very important. You need a friend or family member around to help you out with practicalities as well as the stress and emotional toll of the crash.

What support did you find the most useful after an accident? How important was it to your recovery period? Share your story in the comments below.

Well-Performance Products of Glass Reactors Manufacturer

As an ideal equipment of modern chemical industry, reactors have shown their brilliant functions. However, there are several advices given by glass reactors manufacturer for users to make a well operation of the reactors.

The reactor should be placed indoor and each reactor should be set part from each other. Each operation room should be matched with several gallery or exit to lead to the outside. When assemble the kettle cover, users should carefully avoid the collision between the cover and kettle. The cover should be carefully set on the kettle in certain fixed location. The proper assembling of the cover can efficiently ensure the seal effect. During the assembling process, only nut can be swirled and the seal surface cannot be relatively swirled. Each nut should be smeared with lubricating oil to keep the smooth swirling.

Before switching on the reactor, users should check the solid of revolution and make sure the flexible movement of it. The controller of the reactor should be put on the operation platform and the operation temperature of the reactor should be keep in the range from 10 to 40¡æ.

Then users should check the movable part and fixed contact on the panel and backboard and then check the connector. These components should be ensured to have no damage or corrosion.

All the wires should be well connected including power line, electric furnace line, the line of electrical machine and velometer. Users should set the parameter just like the alarming temperature upper limit and operation temperature then press the switch of heating. After switching on the stirring apparatus,jacketed glass reactors, the indicate light will be lighted and users can check if the electrical motor is corotation. If there is no error, the reactor should be switched off and restarted.

After the reaction, the reactor can be cooled naturally or has water cooling. Every time after the reaction, users should clean up the residual on the kettle and the cover. Main seal mouth of the reactor should be cleaned gradually and keep in cleaning state.

Music and Productivity

Working on documents, articles and other paper works seems a little less stressful and even enjoyable when there is music playing in the background. I guess it’s true that music can improve one’s productivity because it relaxes your mind so ideas flow uninterrupted. When you are at home, you can play music straight out of your speakers and even enjoy it loudly, but if you are working in the office you might want to buy a headphone so that you will not disturb others who may not like the kind of music that you are listening to.

Valentine Gift Ideas for The Travelers You Love

Valentine are not only for couples, it should be celebrated with the people you love – whether it’s your parents, siblings or your best friend. Shopping for gifts for different people during the impending Valentine celebration can be truly daunting. To help you out, here’s a few gift ideas for frequent travelers that you love. For your bff who’s bitten by the wanderlust but can’t seem to find her luggage most of the time, TrackDot is a helpful device that can help track luggage though a smartphone app. Travel wallet or cases are great for your sole sister who wants to have all her documents organized and intact. For friends who travel to destinations you haven’t even heard of, a life straw or a pocket water sterilizer will definitely come in handy!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!!

Its been sometime since I put an effort in blogging here, I was devastated when G took my PR away. But I still can’t forget about my first domain, my very first blog. So for 2015, I plan to update and update with blog with all my nonsense. Hindi naman lahat, may sense din ang iba! :)

New Year, New Resolution??

Nah, better no new resolution, I wouldn’t be able to follow it anyway. I just want to be healthy and happy with my families and friends, I guess that is not too much to ask for!

How about you? Do you have a long list of New Year resolution? Do you think you can keep up?

Family Holiday Staycation At Solaire Resorts

Holidays only mean one thing – family bonding! After weeks of hustle and bustle, you long for that quiet, relaxing and soothing bonding moments with your loved one. The kids, the spouse and you of course, do deserve a treat. While most families plan their holiday vacations abroad, there are those who could only spare a few days off. But this doesn’t mean that you have to settle for anything less than grand. For a holiday staycation treat for your family, the best place to go is the hottest hotel resort destination near you – Solaire Resorts.

We celebrated my birthday this year at Solaire. It was a wonderful and meaningful stay, we got to bond my kids for straight 24 hours. Most of the time spent at the swimming pool.

2014-10-17 16.16.15

Nothing would ever compare to the grand luxury that Solaire Resorts can offer. The lobby itself smell of a posh 5-Star Hotel to greet you and your family with a wow-factor. The rooms are spacious enough to accommodate an entire gang. You can either sink your weary bodies on the room’s king sized bed with lux covers or those plush arm chairs with ottomans. You’d be surprised at how fast their internet connection is! For fun with the kids, the swimming pool looks quite inviting and you can never resist the urge to take a dip. Solaire also have their fair share of restaurants to satisfy any cravings. You can sample oriental dishes at the Red Lantern or stuff yourselves full at the Fresh Buffet Restaurant. So, give your family a treat!

2014-10-18 08.37.40

Beach Party Essentials

If you are stressed from your daily routines, why don’t you throw a beach party sometime? For a fact, this is a great idea to ease your tensed muscles and minds. More importantly, it is about time to reward yourself with fun and enjoyment that you deserved after months of hard work.

When you like to assemble a beach party with your friends, you should be fully equipped from kitchenware to leisure gadgets. Here are some things that you will need to bring as a startup.

  • Portable barbecue grill
  • Cocktail party cutlery
  • Solar panels
  • Submersible video camera
  • Coolers
  • Sunscreen lotion
  • Wine and food of sorts
  • Beach blankets
  • Portable sound system
  • Portable chairs

The essentials of a beach party will definitely give you hand to enjoyment. If you have other things in mind that you think can add fun to the event, you can bring it as well.