Mother and Daughter Bonding

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My friend is very close to her mother and they would spend shopping, pampering and travel together. It was easy to do everything they want to do, but as her mom grow older, her body became frail. Elderly health issues can sometimes dampen their excitement for their bonding activities. My friend looked up for elderly care services and wished that a company like St. Francis In Home Care will be available in the Philippines in the future. She would really appreciate someone who is able and capable of dealing with elderly issues that can join her and her mom for their day outs and travels.

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Feel Lighter and Be Healthier with Constipaid Digestics

I recently feel like I am bloated and constipated so I tried drinking more water and take in fibrous foods and fruit juices. I don’t want to take anything synthetic so I always choose the more natural and healthier options. However, I don’t really think that water and those fruit juices are enough. I still feel constipated and heavy in my tummy. Good thing I discovered Digestics Probiotic Constipaid from Sample Room.

Digestics probably is the first product I’ve encountered that combined probiotics and fiber in a single product. This easily sets them apart from the rest of natural food supplements available in the market today. Clinical studies have confirmed the efficacy and safety of Constipaid so you are assured of digestive balance and achieve regular bowel movement. It comes in a tasty-powder form that is packed in a convenient single dose foil stick sachet. One sachet contains more than 1 billion live good bacteria and four grams of fiber which is equal to a bowl of oatmeal and only 16 calories!

This new discovery is not only great for keeping your tummies healthy, it is also great for those who want to lose weight. Its rich fiber content will make you feel full longer so you avoid eating too much or binging when you have uncontrollable cravings.

New Blog Theme

I finally found a blog theme that looks simple yet nice, at least for my own eyes! After thorough comparison of several other WordPress themes, I liked this one best! Although I still have a lot of things to tinker but hopefully, will be able to before I get tired.

Viva Pinay is my first blog and my first love but after Mr. G took the PR, this blog became idle – for important events in my life. I posted them somewhere and not here when this is infact the center of my blogger life before. Hopefully, my love will resurrect in due time and for that to happen – I need some inspiration!! I need some love!! I need a new theme! I need a blog makeover!! .. That’s nice, simple and pretty just like me! lol

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Starting the Search for the Perfect Valentines Gift

Some people say that Valentines is well marketed for men seeking gifts for the special girl in their life. Well many women will disagree with this. Women are more thoughtful and sweet than most men so for this special occasion, they will surely start early in searching for the perfect gift for their men. Even if it’s as rare as some of fishman guitar parts & pickups, they will surely scour online shops as well as local shops to find it. I’m sure women will pull all their resources so that they can produce the best and most appropriate gifts for their Valentine.

Choosing Your Skin Care Regimen

You are in your 20’s and you’re living your life to the fullest. You have adventures, you have a career, you are busy but you still find time and effort to ensure you have a healthy body inside and out. While exercising is good for your overall well-being, you must also take care of your body’s largest organ – the skin. Even in your 20’s you will notice some skin problems developing such as rough and dry skin, discoloration and lack of luster and glow. Finding the perfect skin care regimen such as a cleansing product from Nature Republic can be easy now if you know how to shop online wisely.

There are plenty of brands and beauty products that you can find online but of course, not all of them are effective or suited for your skin type. It is best to stick with cosmetic and beauty products that contain organic and natural essences which are mild and safe for most skin types. There are some products that contain harsh chemicals which may only do more damage than good for your skin. Read reviews first if you find a product that interests you. This way you will know its real benefits and effect from first hand users.

Genz-Benz Amplifiers

Genz-Benz Amplifiers at musicians friend is what my friend from the province asked me to buy! Her husband is a musician and needs that badly. Hope to be able to find time early next week. I have lots of time actually but am just too lazy to go out.

My next doctor appointment is on Tuesday so I might visit the music store too. The music store is not that far from Southeast Asian Medical Center. Oh gosh, I really have to focus on my health now. Have a serious problem with my thyroid, I don’t know why it took me so long to consult an ENT doctor. Now, it seems the lump is already around 5-6 cm. Too big and very visible already! Lazy bum!

Taking Care of Antique Furniture Patina

 Antique furniture patina has that timeless appeal that is not only attractive but is also functional. This wooden furniture always appears charming when strategically placed around the house. But what makes these types of furniture attractive is the patina that is developed through years of use, polishing and exposure. When looking at antique reproductions, you will not see that rich and deep mellow sheen from antique wooden furniture. As your furniture becomes old, there will be changes in the texture and colors. You can expect marks to appear due to its use but this is all part of the charm and adds value to your furniture.

If you find it boring, you can add colorful throw  pillows available at