3 Classroom Resources Available for Teachers

When you choose to go into the teaching profession, you’re choosing to enter a field that places a big weight on your shoulders. You will be charged with the task of educating the children of other people, and when the school year ends, the parents and administration will expect that those children acquired certain skill sets in reading, writing and arithmetic. The good news is that as a teacher, you’re not alone. The amount of teacher resources available are abundant and many of them are also free.

Reading Tips

Reading may be the most essential skill a child must develop. In a classroom, you’re most likely going to have a mix of advanced learners, those that learn at an average pace and those that fall behind. Ensuring all students keep up with the intended lesson plan, therefore, becomes a challenge. Reading tips are available for teachers that address the most common types of learners and help you create booklists that children will enjoy reading while learning. Read about how you can help develop young readers through conversation and proven strategies.

Learning through Crafts

A classroom doesn’t have to be all business all day. Crafts are a great way to break up the monotony of lectures, maintain your pupil’s attention and encourage them to further develop their motor skills. Crafts can easily be geared to teach students about math and science, for example, while giving them the freedom to explore their creative side. Craft resources for teachers are readily available and give you ideas by age or subject.

Math Resources

For some reason, math has become the bogeyman of the education world. Many students develop a fear of math and get lost among the numbers, variables and word problems. Math resources are available for teachers in the form of lesson plans, tips and supplements so you can get students successfully over the math hump. Learn how to explain that math is actually found in every day activities and how drawing a picture when solving world problems goes a long way.

Becoming a teacher is a selfless act. The recognition for student milestones may not always be there and the pay may not turn you into a millionaire, but when you enjoy playing a part in the development of tomorrow’s adults, the resources you need to help their education are abundant and many times free.

Miss Philippines: Ultimate Miss Universe 2015 Winner

I will not end the year without posting about the Miss Universe controversy.

The recent Miss Universe caused a stir globally after the host, Steve Harvey mistakenly announced the real winner of the said 2015 beauty pageant. Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez was crowned as the victor instead of Miss Philippines, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach.

The shining momentum went off of balance after Steve Harvey returned to the stage to make a correction.

“I have to apologize,” host uttered in regret and announced that the real winner is Miss Philippines.

Miss Philippines was stunned with the event and the former Miss Universe 2014, Paulina Vega who is from Colombia removed the glittering crown and placed it on Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach.

 photo pia-alonzo-wurtzbach-2015-miss-universe-02.jpg

One of the judges, Perez Hilton, a blogger and pageant judge said that he and the other judges voted for Miss Philippines as winner for the Miss Universe contest.

The incident spread as a wildfire and social media was filled with a variety of comments. Steve Harvey was bashed, many rejoiced with the ultimate winner, and many sympathized with Miss Colombia.

Despite the incident, Miss Colombia still stood beautiful and proud.

Steve Harvey attempted to apologize online, but it was a failure. The host misspelled Colombia and Philippines in his tweet.

The Right Jewellery To Wear on your Wedding Day

The decision to marry is an important personal event. In India’s culture, the bride and wedding party make adornments an essential component of the wedding festivities. Traditional Indian brides wear jewels to beautify every part of the body. Mothers and grandmothers of the bride and groom also wear their finest jewels to celebrate the event.

Indian brides wear their finest jewellery on the wedding day. They select precious gems like diamonds, emeralds, pearls, rubies, sapphires, and jade to express the joy of love and family. Indian brides frequently choose jewels to wear from heads to toe. A sparkling tiara in the hair, golden pendants or hair clips give the bride a regal appearance.

Facial Jewels

The Indian bride often wears a golden stud in her nose. The glittering stud may be attached to the backs of the bride’s ears. Ornate, intricate earrings are usually worn on her ears. Choosing the bride’s gold necklace or earrings can take quite a long time because brides and mothers of the brides want to get everything just right.

Hands and Arm Jewels

Golden rings on the fingers, bracelets, and armlets are also chosen to beautiful the stunning bride. She may choose to wear an armlet on one arm or both, but golden bracelets and bangles adorn both sides of the body. She may choose to wear one gold ring or a golden ring on each finger. Multiple rings reflect the bride’s financial abundance. Golden strings are often used to attach rings on the fingers to the beautiful bracelets on her arms.

Neck Jewels

Of course, the most importance jewel worn by the bride on her wedding is a necklace. The groom must tie the necklace around his betrothed’s neck during the wedding ceremony. The necklace, called the mangalsutra, contains special elements to deflect jealousy and negative energies from the wedding couple. When the bridegroom ties the mangalsutra around his bride’s neck, the wedding is solemnized.

Additional Jewels

The bride may also choose to wear jewels on her waist and legs. A waist band may be light or weigh several pounds. Anklets and rings on the toes are used to complete the traditional Indian bride. Anklets typically make a gentle jingle sound as the bride moves.


India’s brides and women around the world use finely crafted Indian jewels to complement their beauty. Jewels worn on the wedding day express the bride’s happiness and optimism for the future. For every day wear, many women enjoy fine imitation jewels to add dimension to the wardrobe. Combine fine imitation pieces with real gold every day if desired.

Get to Your Flight in Comfort and Style

The traffic around any of the airports in the city can be nightmarish on the best of days. When you have a flight to catch and want to make sure you get to your gate on time, you may decide against taking a taxi or even having a friend or family member drive you. Instead, you can get there in comfort and style by using services like an NYC shuttle Newark airport and other professional ride services. The driver will worry about traffic, and you can relax before your flight.

Style and Elegance

Even the cleanest of taxis cannot compare to the style and comfort found in any of the vehicles utilized by a professional transportation company. The vehicles are spacious, clean, new, and fresh-smelling. These details are important when you want to make sure you get to your flight without debris, dirt, and foul odors clinging to you. The above-par conditions of the vehicle will not in any way compromise your own hygiene or appearance.

Further, the vehicles are spacious and comfortable, allowing you to relax and unwind before your flight. You can enjoy leg room to stretch and plenty of space overhead so you do not have to hunch down and feel cramped. If you want take a short nap or get caught up on emails while you are driven to the airport, you will have plenty of room to do either.

You can also use these services to pick people up at the airport if you wish. Picking up a client in a limo or other world-class vehicle shows your client that you care about his or her comfort. It also makes an impression saying that you are a classy individual and go above and beyond anyone’s expectations.

Traffic and Detours

The Newark metro area is well-known for its congested traffic and frequent detours. If you are unfamiliar with the road layout or want to avoid getting caught in a backlog of traffic, you can get to the airport on time by trusting these services to pick you up and take you to your gate.

The drivers of the service know the roads and know what routes to take to avoid construction and congestion. They are trained to make your ride as worry-free and prompt as possible.

Getting to the airport on time is simpler when you choose professional transportation services. You avoid worry, getting caught in traffic, and showing up to the gate in a messy taxi.

My Family Travel Essentials

Having kids and  tagging them along on our travel requires a lot of planning and making reservations ahead of time. Nowadays, instead of celebrating  our birthdays with parties which requires a lot of preparations and enormous efforts, we have decided to travel instead. Be it locally or abroad, hotels  with pools and playgrounds are our ideal choices for a short family vacation.

What do I bring for this short stay? Of course, even if its a short staycation- I still bring all my travel essentials whether I travel abroad alone or with the kids locally.

 photo 39faac5b-6418-4f8d-b605-1cd1c2c3d00d.jpg

Medicines and Vitamins

Biogesic  for me and Biogesic Syrup  for my kids. Ideal partner to treat headache, backache, toothache and even arrthritis pain.  Diatabs  is also important to bring to treat diarrhea and upset stomach.  When travelling abroad, we don’t know some of the ingredients especially for a foodie like me, I like to eat in the street food. I take Myra E everyday and Ceelin Chewables for my kiddos! Its a must to bring these too, even in our busy schedules, we shouldn’t neglect our body.

Beauty Essentials

As I said earlier, aside from taking vitamins regularly,  I also use products manufactured by well known companies like Unilab. These are some of my faves : Celeteque Dermoscience Advanced Anti-Aging Cleansing Oil, Myra Vitasmooth Facial Wash, Myra Vitawhite Whitening Hand and Body Lotion and Myra Daily Sun Protect Facial Moisturizer.

Planner and Pens

Whether its a business related travel or family, I always bring my planner. Whenever know when ideas struck my mind, I need to write them right away before I forget. And of course, to check the daily schedule in and out of the office.

Cellphone, Camera, Powerbank, Macbook Air

Yes you read it right! I am a Mommy Techie wannabe too! I like to play with gadgets. I like to document all my kids milestones, our travels and just about everything under the sun!

Cardigan and Scarf

I always bring a cardigan with me and a scarf. I cant sleep without aircon but I cant take it if its too cold also. Just a normal temp is just nice! For example, I feel always cold when I am inside the plane. I don’t know why! I love travelling but staying long in the airplane is not my cup of tea! Simply irritating and frustrating!

Clothing : Packing for clothes? One must consider the weather where you’re going to! Imagine going to a country in fall?!. We attended an exhibition in Shanghai before, weather was too cold and one of our colleagues forgot to bring close shoes! Oh my goodness!

How about you? What are your travel essentials?

A Room Addition Versus Room Remodel

When Should You Remodel:

If you basically like your home now, school consideration, job or career proximity, places of worship and shopping facilities, then it may be more advantageous to simply improve on it rather than trade or sell, and get a new home.

In contrast, if you find yourself needing a larger master bedroom, an extra bathroom, a utility room or a more spacious kitchen, it certainly may be worth an evaluation as to the associated costs involved. Moreover, if construction projects don’t freak you out too much, think in terms of a remodel. Remodeling and room additions can be stressful and a messy ordeal, but the rewards quickly off-set any inconveniences.

So What’s The Difference Between A Re-model and Addition?

An Addition

Expanding a kitchen, will mean tearing out much of what was already there. New space then has to be added even if only moderately.

Adding even a SOHO area or master bedroom suite entails connecting the structure and infrastructure to the house or replacing it entirely.

A Remodel

The differences are subtle. Typically, a re-modeling job makes your home seem like a flowing, seamless design where the old, original structure remains looking like an original design.

You may just end up with something that compliments your home and your preferences and eliminates the need for an addition. Typically, remodeling jobs cost from 25 to 50 percent of what an add-on may cost.

Property taxes, fuel costs and license-pulling may be less than an addition as well. Green wise, you’ll be disturbing the environment less and have to deal with less inconvenience as well.

The Cost, What’s The Cost?

Generally speaking, only certified professionals such as contractors and general contractors know how to hire the right contractors. However, homeowners should be prepared before even calling the first of several contractors.

Ballpark the cost by 15 to 20 percent, establish a budget, set your priorities, and now get quotes from at least three contractors.

Bathroom or family room upgrades generally come in around $100 to $200 per square foot.

As far as financing is concerned, a cash-out refinance, home equity loan or home equity line of credit (HELOC) may do it. If not, there’re also credit card cash advances and your in-laws.

Getting quotes from at least three word-of-mouth contractors is for starters. Next, provide them a detailed description of your project, and request an itemized bid. Then, ask to see recent jobs, check their references and check for online peer reviews. Don’t forget to ask your family, friends and co-workers for their insight.

Do your homework, and choose wisely. Keep receipts, invoices and contract agreements of everything–now you’re ready for a remodel or room addition renovation project.

3 Great Business Start Ups Any Mom Can Handle!

From time to time, mothers may find the need to add to the household income. Different situations could help to encourage this need for extra income, including high school graduations, the holiday season, or moving to a larger house. For a stay at home mom, it is much easier for her to launch her own start up than it would be for someone who is unable to leave their full time job. There are many wonderful start up options available.

Small Home Day Care

Currently, there are at-home day cares opening up all over the country. As people become more concerned about larger day cares and the adult to child ratio, they are migrating to smaller day cares so that their child gets more attention and care. In addition, they can choose an at-home day care that is only a few blocks away. As a mother, it will simply mean watching more children during the day. Simple networking and word of mouth will quickly fill the open spots. 5 children could bring in $500 or more per week, which could have a big impact on the home’s income.

Mobile Ice Cream Shop

Small, cheap ice cream carts can be used in many places, from festivals to ball games. The best mobile ice cream shops are easily hauled with a ball hitch, or they can be loaded onto a trailer. Some may also be enclosed, protecting the operator from the elements. Prepackaged, single serve ice cream will be the easiest sale, but bulk containers of ice cream may yield the best profit. If the shop is going to be gourmet styled, it is even possible to craft special, homemade ice cream! Since everyone loves ice cream, this could be an excellent investment for a mom who wants a cool, fun job.


Portable Pet Photography Booth

Pet photography is growing by leaps and bounds, as pets are seen as a very close part of the family. Having a mobile pet photography booth (such as a large van turned studio) allows the photographer to travel from house to house for appointments. Essential props and hardware can be secured, such as the backdrop frame and lighting clips. Offering a line of customized products for the pets’ owners can significantly increase the potential profit margin on this type of business.

With all of the start up ideas out there, any mom can find an ideal business. While they may not have a massive impact on the household income in the first month or two it is important to remain dedicated to the business. Every successful venture requires a little bit of elbow grease.

5 Tips for Buying Cranes and Crane Parts

Are you in the market for a crane? It’s okay to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of possibilities surrounding you. The trick to sorting through them is to know what you want and plan for your purchase in advance, and in that respect, here are a few quick tips for buying them.

1. View the Different Models


There are many different types of crane, including jib cranes, gantry cranes and single- and double-girder cranes. Which is best suited for your needs will depend on what job you’re performing and how much you’re willing to spend to get it done with a specific kind of crane. If you aren’t sure which model is right for you, talk to a crane supplier and get their advice.

2. Mind Your Money

Speaking of spending, you’ll probably want to draw up a budget when you go shopping for bridge cranes. Have two numbers in mind: The first should be the dollar amount you don’t want to exceed, and the second should be the dollar amount you cannot exceed.

3. Ask for Recommendations

This is the simplest and easiest way to find a jump-off point in your product search. Even if you wind up buying a different crane than your boss, buddy or co-worker recommended, they’ll still have given you a place to start your search. You’ll be able to look at a product and say “no, that won’t work for me” or “wow, I really love that feature.”

4. Know Your Brands

Some brands have been in the business for decades. Others are newer or more independent sellers. There’s no right or wrong answer in terms of which you should shop from, and checking out all of your options regardless of brand is probably a good idea, too. That way you’ll know that you’re definitely getting the best deal.

5. Get a Guarantee

Cranes and crane parts should always come with a warranty. If they don’t, turn around immediately. Only a manufacturer that isn’t confident in their craftsmanship will try to sell you something without a promise that it works, and they aren’t the kind of manufacturer you want to be dealing with, anyway.

These are just a few things to keep in mind as you shop for cranes. Check out sites like ProservCrane (http://www.proservanchor.com) for more information, including potential purchase options.

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