Financial Aspect

In line about the business strategy meeting we had the other day, today, we invited for lunch the bank manager to discuss the financial aspect of the plan at Kimono Ken. We discussed about a possible loan that we could avail from the bank at the same time maybe getting also an LC facility for our imports. I must admit the financial side is not really my forte so we tagged along our head accountant to handle this matter but I am planning to take online degree programs that will surely help me improve my knowledge or probably just self review or read books. read more

Planning on a Church Wedding

We have been planning on a church wedding for quite some time but with the current situation, we still cant make it. We were married on civil rights way back 2008, thats 4 years after I gave birth to our first child. We wanted to have a church wedding first and so we waited but then again due to some unavoidable circumstances, we ended in an unplanned civil wedding. Everything was done in a rush while we were on a holiday in Dumaguete from the processing of documents, catering even buying our wedding ring. read more

Business Strategy

The big boss came to the office today to discuss possible business expansion. We are planning of opening small shops nationwide to make our products available to small time traders. We will monitor the sales of the branches by installing small business phone system preferably with internet to enable us to closely monitor the shop.

For that reason, I might be leaving again to check the provinces. And you know me, I hate travelling, its not only tiring but just the thought of leaving my family behind is already a burden. But work is work so basically no choice! read more

Active Boys

My kids are active boys, everyday both boys would roam around the streets with their friends. At some point, I was fuming angry as I saw my son crossing the busy street street of the village. It flashed in my mind a previous neighbor in Alabang who used knee braces because of an accident. I cant stand looking at my son that way.

Anyway, after that incident, I instructed the yaya to really watch the boys while biking or not use it at all.

Summer Body

Summer is just around the corner and I must admit I am not yet ready for it. I still have to lose quite a lot of pounds. A friend of mine suggested to use atro phex. She has tried it and its working for her. I must admit I have tried several pills before but after several tries, I noticed some inconvenience that prompted me to stop.

The most effective way is to really exercise with correct diet. My office colleagues are planning to enroll in a fitness center, that gives me a reason to enroll too. How about you? Do you possess a summer body too? read more

Box of 24 Gift

I don’t smoke! But when I was younger, I did it just for the heck of it. But it didnt last long, thanks to my persistent motivator – myself!

When I went to Germany last year, a friend of mine requested for a la flor dominicana ligero, so I bought a box of 24 as a gift for her and her husband. They both loved it! So we tried a few cigars with a few drinks made our evening worth remembering!