Wooden Speaker Stands

A few months ago, we visited Mandarin Hotel for the annual audio and video exhibition displaying the world’s famous brands in the Philippines.

The lower hotel rooms where converted to a display area per company. It was my first time to attend such event although I received numerous invitations from hubby before but I simply ignored it as I thought it was just for men. But no! There are plenty of speakers and speaker stands that are simply awesome! They are made of different materials such as wood, glass, iron and steel. read more

Most Beautiful Girls

I am not so addict on local showbiz craze, but there are 4 girls whom I admire the most. I love the overall image that they portray in local television.

There are plenty of actress sprouting from all parts of the world but only 4 catches my eyes. I love KC Concepcion, Bea Alonzo, Angel Locsin and Anne Curtis.


Mommy’s Date

Last weekend was special for me and Francis, it was our first ever date. It was special as it was his first teeth extraction at the same time, we ate his favorite foods, shop for his school snacks and his breakfast cereals. Anyway, we arrived at the dental clinic quite early and was advised by the secretary to roam around the mall first while waiting for the dentist to arrive. And we did.

At first, we dropped by the booth of Dallas Landscaping displayed near the clinic. I took some pamphlets and magazines of their previous works and its prices. I was impressed by the quality of their work. Seeing Francis bored while I was talking to their sales, I hinted the girl that I will just call her the next day. read more

A Week In Munich

I spent around one week in Munich but honestly, we were not able to go to the city central as we ran out of time. We spent most of our days at the Fespa Exhibition and ate at a nearby Italienisches Restaurant Muenchen. This restaurant serves Italian food, my favorite dish! At the end of the day, we would travel for about 1 hour just to reach to Fischbachau, a place in the country side where the grandparents of Uncle C had their vacation 40 years ago.

In Fischbachau, we stayed at Cafe Seidl and Catering Muenchen. It is an old house converted into a pension house, coffee shop and restaurant. They also offer a catering service to parties, events and weddings. It is family owned and the owners manned the entire operation from cooking, serving, cleaning and cashiering. They are both an old couple and yet hardworking and knows what they are doing. After a series of personal talks, we’ve learned that the husband had a vast experience in the hotel industry and the wife previously worked at Italienisches Restaurant Muenchen. No wonder their place is nice! read more

Happy Weekend

Thanks Good its Saturday. We are still in the office waiting for the plastic transaction to finish. Once payment is received, we could already leave the office.

After that, we will go to SM Bacoor for my kids haircut at the same time tooth extraction for Francis. Still a long day to go.