Novuhair Salutes All Women

In celebration of International Women’s Month this March, Nutramedica Inc., encourages women to speak their mind and know their rights. Be it in society or otherwise, women have excelled over the years, creating a sense of socio-equality that every female across the globe shall be proud of.

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This years’ theme is “Be bold for change”, a very subjective manner of approach to the present era where women are called to lead and influence. Novuhair calls for the same thrust.

Novuhair empowers the female population by improving their appearance thru self-help ideas on social media. Channeling their self-esteem and confidence to exude. read more

Long Black Hair

One of my biggest asset when I was still single is my long and black hair. It all started in my high school days when I really made the effort of constantly brushing it at night for like 100 times. Do you believe in that? Well, I do especially that the one who suggested to me really possess a beautiful, long, shiny, black hair. When I was pregnant, my hair gets thinner and thinner until today. I am currently using a hair loss product to help restore my long and black hair. I hope its not too late yet. read more