Simple, Cost-Effective Ways to Improve Your Home

Home improvement, though it might be two words, can feel a bit like a four letter word for many homeowners. The fact is that home improvement jobs can seem like they’re going to cost a million dollars even if you only want to do a couple of things.

Improving your home isn’t just something you do for yourself though. In many cases, you may need to make basic improvements to keep your home relevant in your current real estate climate. Even if you don’t want to sell, an undervalued home isn’t something you want to have on your hands. read more

Bathroom Fixed

Its confirmed! We are moving to Citta Italia on April 8. Well, its said that 8 is a lucky number. We Filipinos have a lot of superstitious beliefs like move to a new house on 8, 18, 28, 10, 20 and 30,the first things to bring in the house: salt, sugar, cotton, and rice. I dont know why but I just follow.

Anyway, today, we visited the house again to show to the kids at the same time checking the room size so if the current furnitures we have will fit.

Upon checking the bathroom, I was happy to see that the shower faucets that I mentioned before to the caretaker are both fixed and brand new. Wow, what can I say? read more