7 Things Parents and Students Will Love About St. Paul College of Davao

The school year is just about to end. While students are busy working for projects and reviewing for last quarter exams, parents are starting to consider new school environments especially if their child is moving up to a new level. As parents we want our chosen school to be second homes to our children. We only feel worry-free when we know that we have turned them over to capable and caring hands once they leave home and go to school.

There are many things that parents look for when choosing a school for their children. The kids become interested in learning when their curiosity is piqued and they also like the school. Here are some of the best things about St Paul College of Davao that both parents and kids love about it. read more

Day Care Center: Care, Learning and Development

Parenting is indeed one tough job that couples have to face. As a matter of fact, this becomes a challenge especially when both have jobs to attend to. However, this burden can be lifted if someone will look after the kiddos.

Ensuring their safety and responding to the needs of the children can be rendered by an immediate family member or hired nanny. However, there are instances that the former is not available because they also have important matters to attend to. As for the nanny, finding an efficient and trusted care provider is difficult to find. In these cases, a day care center could be your best and realistic decision. read more