Throwback Thursday : Daughter in Pink

Hello little darling! I can’t believe how time flies, you were still a baby then but now, you are slowly becoming a little lady! I can’t thank God enough for having you as my daughter!

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A Room Addition Versus Room Remodel

When Should You Remodel: If you basically like your home now, school consideration, job or career proximity, places of worship and shopping facilities, then it may be more advantageous to simply improve on it rather than trade or sell, and get a new home. In contrast, if you find yourself needing a larger master bedroom, an extra bathroom, a utility room or a more spacious kitchen, it certainly may be worth an evaluation as to the associated costs involved. Moreover, if construction projects don’t freak you out too much, think in terms of a remodel. Remodeling and room additions can be stressful and a messy ordeal, but the rewards quickly …

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3 Great Business Start Ups Any Mom Can Handle!

From time to time, mothers may find the need to add to the household income. Different situations could help to encourage this need for extra income, including high school graduations, the holiday season, or moving to a larger house. For a stay at home mom, it is much easier for her to launch her own start up than it would be for someone who is unable to leave their full time job. There are many wonderful start up options available. Small Home Day Care Currently, there are at-home day cares opening up all over the country. As people become more concerned about larger day cares and the adult to child …

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5 Tips for Buying Cranes and Crane Parts

Are you in the market for a crane? It’s okay to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of possibilities surrounding you. The trick to sorting through them is to know what you want and plan for your purchase in advance, and in that respect, here are a few quick tips for buying them. 1. View the Different Models   There are many different types of crane, including jib cranes, gantry cranes and single- and double-girder cranes. Which is best suited for your needs will depend on what job you’re performing and how much you’re willing to spend to get it done with a specific kind of crane. If you aren’t …

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5 Basic Shoes Every Woman Must Have

Women can’t get enough of shoes. Many women think that they must have every shoes or sandals that go on trend. This is not only wasteful but it may also pile up on your rack without you even remembering to use them again. The key here is to know which types of shoes will go well with your wardrobe. Having a pair of black pumps solves your issue of not having anything to go with your LBS’s and power suits. On the other hand a heeled sandal in a natural hue will be great for fancy events such as weddings and parties. You should also invest in a flat pair …

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Shopback Lets You Shop your Way into Savings!

Shopping is such an exhilarating experience. Finding deals and discounts for items you need gives you a sense of fulfillment because you have not only purchased things you need but also because you got to save a large amount from the sale. Your savings can be used to purchase other items, something that you really want but you’ve always run out of budget for. This is the promise of this unique and revolutionary new site, Getting a few bucks for every purchase at huge online shopping sites such as Lazada, Zalora or Asos is a surefire method of savings whilst you shop with the help of Shopback. This affiliate …

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How To Find The Ideal Marine Part Company

Whether you’re seeking marine parts for commercial or residential purposes, you need to find an excellent product provider. While you might think this process will be time-consuming and tedious, it doesn’t have to be. In fact, you can simplify your shopping process by finding a retailer that conforms to the following criteria: 1. Substantive Experience In The Marine Part Sector. Industry experience is paramount in the world of marine parts. Industry professionals who have spent years selling marine parts typically attain the extensive product knowledge necessary to quickly identify which goods (fishing rod holder, anchor chain, etc.) will be perfect for you. With this idea in mind, remember to consider …

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How to Save Money in Your 40s

Is it time to reevaluate your finances? There’s no better time to now to make plans for the future, especially if you don’t yet feel like you have a firm grasp on your savings and finances. Considerations include your retirement, growing your wealth, saving for your children’s college tuition, and finding new ways to split-up your assets, including real estate investments, businesses, and property. Before going into any investment ventures, make sure you’ve saved enough money for retirement. If necessary, start putting more of your income toward retirement before moving forward with your other financial goals. This will help increase the money you make from compound interest, too. By putting …

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Choosing an Affordable Hotel in Washington DC

Sorting through affordable hotels in Washington DC can be a nightmare if you’re not familiar with the area. There are tourist attractions and places to see throughout the nation’s capitol, so how do you know which part of the city to choose when it comes to booking a hotel? This guide will give you an overview of the most popular neighborhoods in Washington DC in order to provide you with some information to guide your decision. Downtown In the center of Washington DC’s Downtown is the National Mall, along with Capitol Hill and Chinatown. Choosing a hotel in the Downtown area is the a good idea if you want to …

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